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Give your home the Downton style makeover!

Updated on June 09, 2017 9:06 am

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Emmy award-winning drama Downton Abbey has sparked a renewed interest in the splendour of the Edwardian Era. Almost unexpectedly, Downton style steals its way into fashion, music, and even food, with Canadian culinary historian Pamela Foster creating a cookbook based on cuisine featured in the show.

The Downton craze has also found its way into our homes! Downton fans want a piece of Downton they can own, be it the ornate sofa or that quintessential Edwardian lampshade. How can we make this extravagant style fit into the modern home without looking too elaborately opulent? We've scoured catalogues and home stores for furniture and home accessories that will make you clap your hands and say, “Oh, how so very Downton!”

Living Room


This red sofa has become a quintessential element in the drama series, as it is often where matters of importance occur; for instance, when Matthew was introduced to the Crawleys as the unexpected heir.

Buy: More Than Just a Sofa red sofa

Get the look with this red leather sofa from More Than Just a Sofa. It adds a touch of elegance while looking modern and chic.


If you like something more traditional-looking, this tufted love seat is the perfect choice.


The chandelier is a must-have in every Downton Abbey room. In this scene, Countess Dowager Violet stands beside a dainty but elegant crystal chandelier.

Buy: Baccarat Boutique lamp

This beauty with crystals and immaculate white shades will introduce Edwardian elegance to your home with a sophisticated modern twist.

Buy: Treasure Trove lamp


Here are some beautiful lamps which look like they came right out of the Downton Abbey set. Pair them with wooden vintage end tables to complete the look.



Fans of Downton Abbey watched as Mrs. Patmore the cook and Daisy the kitchen maid busy themselves in a kitchen of polished copper pans, pots, ladles, and a steaming stove.



Now, you can introduce this style in your own kitchen with La Cornue’s cookers. Keep it clutter-free, modern, but still with a dash of traditional Downton style.




Display your antique copper cookware on your kitchen shelves and hutches! You may not actually want to use them for cooking but they will be great display pieces and conversation starters during meal times.

Buy: Carpenter and Cook cups and saucers

How about sipping English tea like Lady Cora during morning teatime? This vintage teapot set from Carpenter and Cook shows understated elegance—much like Lady Cora herself.



Want to have your room looking as chic as Lady Mary’s bedroom?

Buy: Space Furniture bed

This four-post bed from Space Furniture gives you the look of a sophisticated lady’s room while appearing contemporary and cool at the same time. Drape sheer, white lace curtains over it for a romantic feel.


Red wallpaper with graceful floral and leaf motifs seems like an essential item to have in Lady Mary’s room. Cover just one wall with wallpaper—we suggest behind the bed—so that it will not appear too overpowering.

Now, how about these tips for introducing glamorous old English charm to your home?


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