No-Sweat Ways to Do Spring Cleaning with Young Children

Here's a pre-CNY must-do.

Updated on December 21, 2017 10:12 am

Suqi Ng

how to clean your home with children around

Want to start the annual spring cleaning of your home but not sure how to accomplish it with your kids running amok in the house? Here are some tips to kick-start your spring-cleaning for the New Year...with the help of your children. Getting the kids involved in the spring-cleaning efforts can teach them a thing or two about teamwork as a family, and about how a clean and tidy house doesn’t come easy.

Put on some music

Choose the children’s favourite songs, preferably something upbeat and cheerful. Sing along and act silly with the music while you and the children clean the table, wipe the windowpanes, or pick up the toys. Have a laughter- and music-filled cleaning day!

a clean and modern kitchen at home

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Kitchen cupboard tidying

These places are usually not open for them to explore so children will feel thrilled to be able to finally see what’s inside those cupboards. Get the older kids to search for and read the expiration dates, chuck away those expired food, and keep the food to be stored back into the cupboards in two separate boxes. You can also do the same for food in the fridge.

organising food and stuff in the kitchen cupboard

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Sorting spices

As a child, I love smelling those lovely spices. Give the children a lesson in spices used in cooking, get them to smell, taste and sort those spices in the spice drawer, and label the bottles.

teach children how to wash their own toys


Washing toys

Children often see this as a chance to play with water, and even better, play with their toys in the water. Brace for lots of splashing and fun. Have the children wear aprons or just go topless if it's a hot day. Let them help to wash their toys in soapy water, rinse in clean water, wipe them dry, and sort them into different baskets to dry under the sun.

teaching kids concept of giving and sharing


Teaching compassion

While clearing out the old toys and out-grown clothes, it is also a great time to teach children compassion by having them give away some of their toys and clothes in good condition to the less fortunate. Show them pictures of children living in poverty who will benefit from the things and the love that they give.

Make it a competition

Cleaning the floor is usually the last step after all the cupboards are tided, toys sorted, clothes packed, and so on. Group your family into two teams or more. Get one child to be in charge of one room and one child the other. See which team cleans up the floor faster! Give the winning team a sweet treat afterwards!

Get creative and devise your own spring-cleaning fun activities for you and your children. However, do take note that there are some spring cleaning tasks that cannot be carried out while young children are there. For instance, packing the storeroom or garage that requires you to handle bulky items that can be dangerous for young children.

Happy New Year and may you have a clean and happy home!

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