Quick Home Upgrades You Can Do Over The Weekend

They're fast and easy to do!

Updated on February 02, 2019 8:02 am

Catherine Zhang

Quick Home Upgrades You Can Do Over The Weekend

To help you have a productive weekend, here's a set of quick home upgrades that are easy and budget-friendly:

1. Make your door stand out.

Painting your whole house is quite expensive. It can also take time regardless of the size of your space. However, you can still give your home a fresh, new look by painting your door. All you need to do is to take out that small bucket of paint you’ve hidden in your storage room and some paint brushes, and voila!

2. Change the curtains.

If your windows are boring to look at, maybe it’s time to give them an upgrade. Spruce your windows by changing your curtains or blinds and see how these can give your room an instant lift and an additional visual interest.

3. Install new house numbers.

Make your home easier to locate by placing a creative marker for your house number. This task will unleash your creativity as it allows you to flex your DIY muscles.

4. Make a chalkboard wall in your kitchen.


Add an industrial touch to your kitchen by putting up a chalkboard wall. Not only can you use it to write down your grocery or chores list, you can also make this as an art area where your kids and guests can doodle while waiting for you to finish your homemade baked pineapple tarts.

5. Change your kitchen backsplash in less than an hour.

Another way to spice things up in your kitchen in an instant is by cleverly changing your backsplash. Cut down on the work needed by using adhesive glass splashback panels. This will give a refurbished look to your space in no time.

6. Replace your outlet covers.

Cheap outlet covers turn yellow over time while a repeated use of electrical switches and plugs can make its wall plates dingy. By making an effort to change your outlet covers this weekend, you will give your room a unified look while ensuring the safety of everyone at home.

7. Jazz it up with art.

We can’t emphasise the importance of colour in your space. Jazz up your bland wall by hanging an artwork that represents you or an important phase of your life.

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