Quiz: What Interior Design Style Are You?

Take this fun quiz to find out what interior design style fits your personality!

Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

Suqi Ng


Sometimes you find the symmetry and order of traditional style very soothing and sometimes you prefer the “less is more” mantra of the minimalist style. Which style is exactly the one for you right now? Let this quiz help you find out.

1. Which of these books appeal to you most?

A. Little House on the Prairie
B. In The Mood For Cheongsam
C. Confessions of a Shopaholic
D. Memoirs of a Geisha
E. Sun Tzu – The Art of War


2. Which one of these colour palettes makes you feel soothing and comfortable?

A. Browns, earthy tones, raw woodsy texture, distressed painted surfaces, beige, off white tones, pastel colours, and turquoise
B. Vibrant colours, geometric shapes, antiqued metals, and faded fabric
C. Neutral colours, white, off whites, beige, light blues, light greens, red and black
D. Cream, white, off whites, beige, browns, and woodsy texture
E. Polished mahogany wood surfaces, white, beige, cream, yellows, browns, and greens


3. What type of art would you hang on your living room wall?

A. Folk art in batik prints
B. A painting of old Singapore that you inherited from your grandmother
C. A print of Pop Art painting by Andy Warhol
D. A craft made with natural elements like drift wood and round pebbles
E. An oil painting of the Renaissance era


4. How would you entertain guests at your home?

A. Throw a garden party by the pond with candlelight and red wine
B. Host a tea party with old school tea cakes accompanied by fragrant Chinese tea in Peranakan teapot and teacups
C. Have a cosy party with the latest movie on your home theatre, and lots of tidbits, soft drinks, jokes and laughter
D. Have a small gathering at your cosy corner, listening to soothing music, lazing on the comfortable lounge chairs, and sipping Japanese tea
E. Whip up a full course dinner and enjoy the good food and good company in the comfort of your home

Design: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

5. Which furniture makes a statement in your home?

A. A large and shabby chic dining table made from reclaimed wood
B. An antique window grill with geometric patterns that is painted and refurbished to become your wall divider
C. A bar counter in light wood and orange high stools with steel pencil legs
D. A black rectangular leather sofa to match the black caged hanging light bulbs above
E. A beautiful rich wood sofa with customised upholstery to match your curtains


6. What kind of dress style suits you most?

A. Casual, relaxed and comfortable
B. Artsy, hip, trendy
C. Elegant, practical, sophisticated
D. Simple, natural, informal
E. Classic, elegant, formal


7. What type of shoes would you wear on a date?

A. A pair of well-worn leather boots that goes perfectly with your jeans
B. A dainty pair of vintage flats from a boutique store
C. Classic black pumps
D. A pair of good old sneakers of course!
E. Pretty Mary Jane shoes in soft peach


8. Which movie would you watch on a lazy stay home weekend?

A. The Sound of Music
B. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
C. Fast and Furious
D. My Neighbour Totoro
E. Inception


9. Where is the best place for you to enjoy lunch?

A. A cosy old American café with live rock bands and hearty meals
B. A boutique retro café with refurbished vintage furniture, antique collectibles and nostalgic food from your childhood days
C. McDonald’s, Kopitiam, or other well-loved fast-food restaurants—anywhere will do as long as the food is good and the company is great
D. Japanese restaurants that have great service, great ambience and delicious sushi
E. A filling eight-course meal at Din Tai Fung with family, friends or colleagues


10. How would you describe yourself?

A. Earth friendly, eccentric, creative
B. Sentimental, friendly, caring
C. Modern, open-minded, practical
D. Easy-going, gentle, calm
E. Hardworking, sociable, self-assured

If you choose mostly As:

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

Your style is Rustic or Country. You love nature and greenery. You love the raw and natural look of unpolished wood, and the cottage chic feel brought about by wooden beams and columns. Pastel colours and floral prints decorated your upholstery.

See how the rustic style can be so beautifully woven into this woodworker’s home and how pretty country style is in this Punggol flat.

If you choose mostly Bs:

Design: nOtch lifestyle + design pte ltd

Your style is Retro or Vintage. You are sentimental, and you love to collect small keepsakes and trinkets that remind you of your childhood, your ancestry and heritage or a country you visited. You have shelves of beautiful and precious vintage collectables on display, and you love to breathe new life into old furniture while retaining its nostalgic look, like refurbishing an old sewing machine stand into a bedside table.

Get inspired by Eunice’s vintage chic home, marvel in the vintage furniture and furnishings in Jay and Pearl’s maisonette, and check out the story behind the vintage collection in Tim and Kristine’s flat.

If you choose mostly Cs:

Design: Summit Design Studio

Your style is Contemporary. You are practical, modern, you don’t like clutter, and you love open spaces and natural light. When it comes to home décor, you steer towards having a light coloured background as a canvas for you to play around with different furniture. Sophistication is the key. You love to have an open concept kitchen that joins seamlessly with the living room.

Take a peek at the Scandinavian sanctuary of Ann and James, modern design elements in this pet-friendly River Valley home, and the open, breezy interiors of this Sunset Avenue home.

If you choose mostly Ds:

Design: Oblique Interiors

Your style is Minimalist Zen. You are calm, peaceful and your mantra, when it comes to home décor, is “less is more." You prefer neutral and natural colours, and you love indoor greenery. Your interior design is filled with ingenious storage solutions that keep the clutter hidden away while maintaining the tranquil and pleasant minimalist look.

There is a lot of breathing space in this Yishun bare and minimal home and Dover minimalist HDB flat.

If you choose mostly Es:

Design: Wodd Design

Your style is Traditional. Your style is all about balance, symmetry, and cosiness. You strive to create a comfortable and serene living space. You have plenty of soft cushions, matching upholstery, lots of warmth, woody colours and pretty plasterwork along the walls with ornate details. You enjoy displaying oil painting masterpieces or antique Asian art on your walls.

This traditional-meets-modern style home will blow your mind away!


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