Quiz: What's Your Organisation Personality?

Take this quiz to determine your organisation personality and find out the storage tips that suit you best.

Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


1. How does your study desk at home look like?


a. Books neatly stacked, documents properly filed—everything is in its proper place, from pens to Post-its
It has a laptop, a table lamp, and a notepad. Clean and without any clutter
c. It's personalised with your collections, like journals, Star Wars collectibles, or your DIY projects.
d. Your desk holds just about everything: mugs, paperweights, and other cute trinkets.
e. Your study desk accommodates framed photographs, family scrapbooks, and other gifts from your loved ones.

2. What bothers you about your current home?

a. Nothing. Everything is organised.
b. You abhor the slightest hint of clutter, and you just wish you could chuck out some items that add to the mess.
c. You don't have enough space to contain your growing collection. You need more display shelves, but alas, you also need to allot space for practical pieces like, say, a TV.
d. There is not enough space for the many beautiful things you have acquired from your shopping expeditions.
e. Your utility room is already brimming with family memorabilia, and it's running out of space to accommodate more, like your baby's crib and your ancient typewriter.

3. If we peek at your bedroom, we're most likely to see:

a. A neatly made bed and well-organised dresser and wardrobe
b. Not a lot of stuff: a bed, a couple of books, wardrobe
c. Why, more stuff from your collection, of course! Your bedroom serves as a catch-all for your most beloved possessions.
d. A Moroccan rug, magazines, mason jars, shopping bags, a sewing machine...
e. Pictures of your family, sketches made by your kids, soft toys from your husband

4. Your kitchen is:


a. A neat freak's heaven! Canisters and small appliances are impeccably lined along the countertop
b. Sparse. Most of your kitchen essentials are stashed inside the cabinets.
c. An eye candy! It accommodates more travel souvenirs, like retro tin cans and colourful dinnerware.
d. Full of character. It has your mum's hand-me-down silverware, DIY mason jars, and eclectic decorative pieces bought from your last shopping trip.
e. Heartwarming. As the heart of your home, your kitchen houses family photos and your children's drawings.

5. Which among these things would you like to receive on your birthday?

a. Storage systems and units to solve your existing storage problems
b. A wooden platform bed to give your room a minimalist feel and provide you with extra storage
c. A massive display shelf to house your collection
d. One-of-a-kind home accessories that will make your shopper's heart happy
e. Furniture pieces that encourage conversations and togetherness: modular sofas, outdoor dining set, lounge chairs

6. What book resonates with you the most?

a. Organizing Plain and Simple: A Ready Reference Guide With Hundreds Of Solutions to Your Everyday Clutter Challenges
b. The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life
c. Collected: Living with the Things You Love
d. To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop
e. Our Family Traditions: Moments, Milestones, & Memories

7. How would you describe the state of your closet?


a. Flawless. You categorise your clothes by colour and season.
b. Minimalist. You've pared down your wardrobe to the essentials.
c. Quite chaotic—besides your clothes and accessories, your closet also plays host to some of your collections since you have been running out of storage space elsewhere.
d. Brimming with clothes, old and new.
e. Familiar and special. Your closet features some of the things most dear to you: baby shoes, your wedding gown, cheongsams from Chinese New Years past.

8. What's on your dining table right now?

a. Silverware for tonight's dinner, organised to perfection.
b. Nothing. It's meticulously clean.
c. A vignette featuring your favourite from your personal collections
d. A box, tray, and vase from your recent travels
e. Your children's colouring books, artworks, and your husband's paperwork

Mostly As:
Organising Ninja. You're born to declutter and make any home you inhabit a sparkly and organised space. You thrive on situations which call for systematic and strategic organisation—why, you have tons of bins and organisers at your disposal. Friends turn to you for their organising woes, and guests gush over your clutter-free and clean home. Congratulations!

Mostly Bs: Mr. or Miss Minimalist. You want your home to be spotless, devoid of unnecessary things that contribute to clutter. Clean and clear surfaces are your pride and joy—you just can't explain the happiness you feel seeing your desk shine in its sparsity. But then, even the most minimalist of houses encounters obstacles, like the presence of a furniture piece that does not fit your interior theme but cannot be thrown away. Enter Work+Store, which stores furniture, appliances, or other items that you do not currently want to have at your home. Work+Store does valet storage, so you can simply pack your stuff for them to pick up. Easy and hassle-free!

Mostly Cs: Kickass Collector. Your home is a repository of all things you hold dear, so your organising requirement is simple: you must have enough shelves and cabinets to accommodate them all. It frustrates you to no end, knowing that you are slowly running out of places to store your collectibles. Here's how you can address this problem: Get the people of Work+Store to pick up some stuff at your home to allow more space for your collections. No need to part with your most prized Fender guitars or Hello Kitty toys; just store something else—your old trophies and luggage, perhaps?

Mostly Ds: Happy Hoarder. Face it: You just love having pretty things. Keeping them at home is a kind of therapy—it banishes your stresses and cheers you up immensely. Your space enshrines eclectic pieces, quirky accessories, and other treasures gathered from your numerous shopping expeditions and travels. However, your concern is you are running out of space to hold all these wondrous and curious things. Ditching them sounds like a disservice to yourself, so why not just keep some of your purchases in Work+Store? Keep them there temporarily until you score a place big enough to shelter everything.

Mostly Es: Sweet and Sentimental. The way you organise your home is a testament to how much you love your family. Every display shelf proudly features your kids' accomplishments, every wall intimates memories you and your family have shared. You cannot absolutely part with your kids' old stuff, from their dollhouses to their first bicycles. But then again, you need to make room for newer family mementos, so why not stash some of them in Work+Store? Work+Store will take care of your family's precious possessions, so you don't have to worry about saying goodbye to them for good.

"You Pack, We Pick Up"—this is the concept behind Work+Store Valet Storage service. They provide temporary storage, plus transportation to pick up your items to be stored. No need to leave the comforts of your home!

Whatever your organisation personality is, you can count on Work+Storage to address all your storage needs.

Work+Store Valet Storage
Tel: 8722 8000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorkPlusStore
Email: hello@workstore.com.sg

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