Renovations that Actually Increase the Value of Your Home

Projects ranging from updating baseboards and paint colours to totally remodelling a kitchen and adding a room can all add value, but when it comes to renovation, which upgrades really matter? ​

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Because the kitchen is still considered the heart of the home, it’s the primary area where people seek value in a remodel. When a buyer is walking through a prospective home, the kitchen is generally the first destination on their agenda because families still spend a lot of their time there. A variety of renovation opportunities can increase the home’s value, with projects that work for any budget.

The easiest and most apparent upgrades in kitchens are for countertops and appliances; buyers almost always expect granite countertops in today’s housing market, and there are a number of alternatives to granite slab, such as granite tiles or soapstone, if slab simply isn’t an option. Likewise, stainless-steel appliances add instant value because they won’t ever go out of style due to the neutral nature of their finished look.

A larger project to consider is custom-built, solid-wood cabinetry. If the current cabinets in your kitchen are outdated and made from materials such as melamine, buyers will likely see a project they will need to take on in the future. Determine your budget and decide if extra features, such as glass cut-outs and soft-close hinges, are necessary for your renovation.

In addition, if you have a half or whole wall that breaks up the continuity of the floor plan, consider removing it to open up the space to the living area. Open floor plans are always in style, and they can make the space appear bigger.

Check out our step-by-step guide to renovating your kitchen.

Pro tip: If the half wall makes sense or you don’t want to do that kind of demolition, consider turning it into a usable bar space instead.


The second most important area for buyers is the bathroom. Bathrooms are often an obvious target for renovations because they provide value easily without requiring extensive costs. Simply cleaning the space or updating it with a fresh coat of semi-gloss paint and some new grout can make a difference—you really have no reason not to consider customising it.

For more involved renovations, buyers want to see updated vanities, tile or stone features and flooring, and floating glass or walk-in showers if the space can accommodate them. If a shower–bath combo fixture is the only thing that fits, accent it with unique shower curtains that fit the style of the home.

Click on this link to see how else you can spruce up your bathroom.

Pro tip: If you can’t find a shower curtain pattern that fits your style or colour scheme, consider looking for a company that makes custom curtains and pick something from their selection. Just make sure you get an inner lining large enough to keep water off the fabric.


The floors of a house are another area that catch buyers’ eyes because they take up most of the space. Outdated tiles or dingy carpeting, wood that needs refinishing, or noticeable vinyl flooring are likely to be noticed—and red-flagged in a buyer’s mind—as something they’ll have to update after purchasing the home. Simple updates to important rooms can make a big difference in creating a sense of value.

Depending on your budget and style, you can choose from multiple ways to renovate floors. If wood flooring is the best fit for an area, options range from new or refurbished solid wood to engineered hardwood, which looks similar to solid wood but holds up better with time. The same goes for carpet, the pricing for which varies depending on the materials and thickness of padding you choose.

Learn more about updating your flooring here .

Pro tip:
If you already have solid wood floors but they’re scratched or look lackluster, try refinishing them before you consider a total replacement.

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