Shopping Guide: Where to Buy Scents to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Eliminate that foul-smelling culprit with these excellent weapons.

Updated on September 26, 2018 8:09 am

Luisa Wong

Shopping Guide: Where to Buy Scents to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Just as how you like to make your home look presentable, you should also keep in mind that it should smell just as good as it looks. ICYMI, smell is the first thing that guests notice upon entering your home. (Read: 8 Things Guests Quickly Notice in Your Home)

Keeping it smelling fresh and fab is an important task. You don’t want your home smelling foul, right? The good news is you can eliminate those unpleasant smell quickly at a very affordable price. Here are products that can keep your home smelling oh-so heavenly!

1. Let nostalgia overflow by showering your home with the scent of freshly picked green tea and white lilies. Home Perfume Parakeets & Pearls, $99.00, Ashley & Co

2. Uplift everyone’s spirit in your home by infusing bergamot and sweet geranium in the air. Bergamot Geranium Room Scent, $31.90, Hysses

3. Complete the summer vibe in your home by diffusing a tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit, and mango in your reed diffuser. Bahama Breeze Signature Reed Diffuser, $39.00, Yankee Candle

4. Get a good night's sleep by spritzing lavender on your linens. Relax, $29.91, To Be Calm

5. Lie down on a bed of roses in your living room by lighting rose-scented candles. Annick Goutal’s Splendide Perfumed Candle, $121.00, Escentials

6. Feel and smell luxury at the comfort of your home when you light up a candle that has the a combination of the juiciness of mandarin and sweetness of rose. Mandarin Rosa 8oz Candle - Light x Ying the Label Exclusive, $70.00, Candles of Light

7. Embrace the warm, floral, and fruity scent of this jasmine and orange-scented candle that will make you feel cheery and refreshed all day long. Jasmine Orange Essential Oil Candle, $18.00, Hush Candle

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