5 Spaces Made for Entertaining

It doesn’t matter if you have limited or lots of space. Create areas that let you hold those get-togethers—whether for an intimate or extensive guest list.

Updated on August 03, 2018 11:08 am

Camille Besinga

Spaces Made for Entertaining

Create spaces that are made for entertaining—here are some inspirations:

1. Blk 250D Compassvale Street by Add Space Design Pte Ltd

Allot an area dedicated for wine and liquor tasting, like a bar counter or a sitting area where you and a guest can savour your drinks in peace.

2. Ocean Drive, Paradise Island by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

A designated space that would allow you to act as bartender while entertaining is perfect for parties of all sorts. Incorporate your collection of wines into the design by displaying them in an impressive glass shelf system.

3. Edelweiss Park by Design Collective Studio

If your home is blessed with space, carve out an outdoor entertaining area, like a roofdeck or patio. Al fresco dinners are ideal, particularly when the conditions—weather, the view, and company—are perfect.

4. Pebble Bay by Sky Creation

A small bar that specifically functions as a storage and mixing area allows your guests to help themselves to their poison of choice.

5. Peach Gardens by Collective Designs Pte Ltd

A spacious dining and living area calls for oversized furniture that would permit you to invite as many guests as you like. A 10- or 12-seater table makes sure everyone in your extended family (or a huge group of friends) has a seat at dinnertime.

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