Spaces We Love: 7 Rooms in Singaporean Homes That Exude Summer Vibe

Celebrate summer in your home all year round with these design inspo.

Updated on May 04, 2018 8:05 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: 7 Rooms in Singaporean Homes That Exude Summer Vibe

Bring some serious summer vibe to your home and expect a sunshiny ambience all year round. Grab inspiration from these rooms:

1. Design by Minimo

Summer can also mean greens and life, and not just water and sand. This home in Punggol Damai Grove features a tropical and luscious green look, thanks to potted plants placed indoors. With natural light peeking through the blinds, the plants exude a summer aroma just by looking at the fresh greeneries at the corners of the space.

2. Design by Arc Define

Do not be afraid to use colourful beddings, rugs, or pillows that can give you a calm, renewed feeling. In this bedroom in The Calrose, the millennial pink wall reminds of fun summer vacations when we were younger.

3. Design by Monocot Studio

Muted colours such as blues, yellow, and greens mimic nature—hence, they help give off a tropical and natural feel inside your home. This bright and cheerful living room in Riviera Drive almost looks like a reception area in a beach resort, thanks to the soothing colours that match the tonality of natural timber and marble.

4. Design by Mesh Werk Studio

Novelty is an element of summer and what better way to inject this in your home than to splash patterns on the walls, countertops, and tables. This BTO unit in Compassvale Drive boasts a variety of pattern-laden walls. Remember that in playing patterns and prints in your summer-inspired home, you can count on floral designs to match the playful style of your floors and highlight your simple furniture. Also, bold prints with bold colours exude an elegant, summery vibe.

5. Design by Versaform

A pop of colour in unexpected areas of your home can also remind you of your favourite summer memories. This Pasir Ris HDB unit’s dining area feels cosy and inviting, as if you're dining near the beach.

6. Design by Icon Interior

Summer = beach. Another way to imbibe the summer vibe is to have a beach-themed interiors. This living room in Lorong Ah Soo owned by blogger Xia Xue has the colour palette of summer: aquamarine and white. The colours create a light and airy feeling, just as how the summer breeze feels like when it touches your skin. The beach wallpaper completes the look and feel of this space.

7. Design by Make Room

Remember how you loved the little details in the tropical resort you stayed in? You can replicate this in your own home by displaying natural materials and organic items in your coffee table. Simple things like this will always remind you of that much-enjoyed trip to the beach.

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Cover photo courtesy of Icon Interior


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