Spaces We Love: 8 All-White Rooms in Singaporean Homes

Sleek, fresh, and crisp white interiors for your design inspo

Updated on May 30, 2018 11:05 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: All-White Rooms in Singaporean Homes

White is such a versatile colour. It is crisp and clean, with a slight touch of warmth that would definitely make any space glow and radiate.

While white interiors can make a small room look bigger and brighter, it can also create subtle optical illusions when complemented with different tones in large spaces. No matter which style you choose, white just works well—from classic and cosy, to clean and contemporary.

If you are looking for a perfect white room interior design idea, here are all white rooms that you’ll love:

1. Design by Icon Interior

Cosy and elegant-looking—Jamie Yeo’s Scandinavian-designed home has a perfect contrast as well as texture. Monochromatic rooms tend to look monotonous if not properly done. So add texture to your white room by using rugs, artwork, throw pillows, or blankets.

2. Design by Hyla

White never fails to make any space look sleek. This home in Jalan Angin Laut is finely detailed with stainless steel accents and metals (metals sit well with the crispness of white) that make the kitchen look warm and inviting.

3. Design by The Local INN.terior

White is a trademark of the minimalist style. This apartment in Bishan has a nice all-white bedroom with an accent furniture that perfectly complements it. In decorating a white room, stick with linen or off-white cotton fabric for your sheets to inject more warmth to the space.

4. Design by Ipoise Design

The beauty of white is that it is so versatile you can pair it well with ultra modern white lacquer finish, just like in this HDB unit’s kitchen. Any homeowner would love to have this colour in their kitchen because the colour makes it look clean and classy.

5. Design by Carpenters

Contemporary homes often feature white as the main colour. This simple yet sophisticated condominium unit has a sleek and fresh look. With soft and romantic lighting, this home’s living room look effortlessly stunning.

6. Design by Three-D Conceptwerke

White can also mean a fresh start. The cement screed on the floor still makes this living room look polished. Adding a statement piece—like an egg chair—to your white-washed room creates a stunning and an eye-catching effect.

7. Design by Style Living

Layering different tones of white is also a way to add personality to your space. Not all shades of white are similar. Consider adding warm whites and cream to create a room that has depth and interest.

8. Design by Posh Living

When deciding to go for an all-white room, consider what colour of white to paint your room. Note that you need to pay attention to the available lighting as well. If the room has a lot of natural light coming in, pick a cooler shade of white to balance the hues.

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