Spaces We Love: 6 Bright and Airy Bedrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Have a good night’s sleep in these light and refreshing sanctuaries.

Updated on February 08, 2018 8:02 am

Jemma Chiu

Bright and Airy Bedrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

There is magic in going home after a long day’s work and crawling into a bd with crisp and clean linens. The bedroom is a sanctuary in every home and it deserves a special treatment to make it more comfy and rejuvenating.

Spacious and well-lighted bedrooms are universally appealing and inviting. These kinds of bedroom are cosy and elegant in its own special way, considering the small amount of decoration and furniture to create ample space and allow natural light to fill in even its darkest corners.

Room size doesn’t matter at all. Just let these ID projects show you how to create a bright and airy bedroom for your home:

1. Design by Space Sense Studio

Keeping the walls in a lighter shade will surely make the room feel lighter and brighter. The Scandinavian-style bedroom create an airy and attractive vibe that makes it even more comfortable and stress-free. You can never go wrong with white—consider using this paint colour and pair it with light-coloured bedding to make a small room look spacious.

2. Design by Upstairs

The minimalist theme of this home designed by Upstairs is a perfect example in creating a bright and airy bedroom. If you want this kind of bedroom, think of letting the sunshine in. Go natural and don’t forget to include potted plants, faux/fresh flowers, and nature-themed artwork as these will enhance the nature-inspired vibe your room has.

3. Design by The Mind Design

You are not limited to using only white in the bedroom. You can choose other colours, but soften it up to complement the design you are thinking of. You may opt to go for a touch of green, blue, lavender, pink, as well as pale neutrals such as grey, off white, even beige and sand. This bedroom in a condo unit in Kovan Regency certainly looks serene, thanks to its colour palette.

4. Design by ID Emboss

Rooms with big decorative pieces of furniture could look dark and cramped. The secret in making it look really spacious is to eliminate mess and clutter. This condo unit in Lores Livia has maintained its bright and airy feel by using minimal furniture and decorations.

5. Design by Chapter B

The basic rule in making spaces bright and airy is to make the most out of the natural light in the room, regardless of the window space. If you have big windows, invest in a curtain with good quality. Opt for blinds but you can go with sheer as long as the natural light can pass through even if your curtains are down. You may also use your thick, velvet curtains but you have to open it on a daily basis to let the natural light in.

6. Design by JQ Ong / The Association

This tropical-inspired bedroom designed by JQ Ong / The Associate looks so comfy, thanks to the light fabric of the bed canopy. It adds a whimsy yet elegant flair to the space. The neutral colour palette of the furniture creates a relaxing vibe as well. Don't you just want to stay here all day long?

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