Spaces We Love: 8 Contemporary Bedrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Use these ideas to transform your bedroom into a relaxing and stylish haven.

Updated on February 06, 2018 11:02 am

Jemma Chiu

Spaces We Love: Contemporary Bedrooms To Inspire Your Renovation

Contemporary design is known for its simplicity and clean, textured lines which exudes subtle sophistication. You can apply contemporary design to your homes, especially to your bedrooms by getting inspiration from these ID projects:

1. Design by In Interior

Edgy but cosy—this contemporary design by In Interior shows the use of wood and modern textures to create an intimate atmosphere in the sleeping room. The walls are painted with lighter neutral colours that perfectly complement the dark-coloured accessories, furniture, and upholstery.

2. Design by Form and Space

One of the basics of contemporary design is the use of line and space—which is evident in a condominium unit in Micasa by Form and Space. Less is more with contemporary design that features a TV wall as its focal point.

3. Design by tld.

This Clementi HDB unit has a calm and cosy vibe, thanks to the monochromatic palette in the bedroom. The uncluttered space exudes elegance with its bare look. The stylish grey and white combo gives off a light and airy feel to the room.

4. Design by Third Avenue Studio

This HDB home in Compassvale Drive perfectly used the elements of a contemporary home. From the ceiling down to the floor, the bedroom looks bare and smooth. The furniture and window panels add contrast to the room as well as the standout blue linens.

5. Design by Le Interi

This contemporary bedroom in Edgefield Plains is a beauty to see. The classic, simple interior of the space is perfectly matched with the neutral, subdued hues of the walls as well as the headboard.

6. Design by Authors Interior & Styling

This contemporary condominium unit designed by Authors Interior & Styling used wood elements and black trimmings which make the sleeping space ooze with warmth and cosiness. The storage under the bed is also a clever idea.

7. Design by Forefront Interior Design

This simple HDB unit in Hougang Ave is another contemporary inspo for you to take note of. Each room in this home stands out with its own unique individuality, even without the presence of eye-popping decorations. Each room has furniture pieces that are simple and uncluttered. The lighting also add a dramatic touch to each room, highlighting the pieces that the eyes should focus on.

8. Design by Poetus

This condo unit in Twin Waterfalls is an example of a contemporary bedroom that used a generous amount of wood, metal, stone, and opaque glass. The heavy fabric and linens add a touch of fuzziness, warmth, and softness to this space.

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