Spotlight: FairPrice Antique

This furniture store is popular for its beautiful and practical Chinese antiques, reproduction pieces, and home decorations.

Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

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Tan Boon Liat offers a myriad of furniture choices for every type of home. For homeowners looking for charming and cultural pieces to deck their homes with, be sure to check out FairPrice Antique. Established in 2001, FairPrice Antique is a furniture and home decor store that offers one-of-a-kind antique pieces and reproductions sourced from North China.

When she moved to Singapore, Constanze Hohmann would often shop at FairPrice Antique because she loved that the beautiful pieces which complemented her home's overall look and feel.

"I've always been interested in furniture, interior design, and antiques. I love designing my own home. So I love visiting Tan Boon Liat. I've been a customer to nearly all stores here," she says. "My background is marketing for a publishing company but I realised I'm also interested in retail—talking to people and finding out what they need and what I can offer them."

So when the opportunity to take over FairPrice Antique came up, Constanze knew it was a path she wanted to tread. "I already loved this shop, I think it has great atmosphere every time I come here. So the previous owner and I started talking and we finalised the deal by December 2014. In January 2015, I'm the proud owner of FairPrice Antique!"

Bamboo Cabinet, $,260

Medicine Cabinet, $3,500

Silk Lanterns, $25 to

Brush, $20 to $50

According to Constanze, Singapore is a great place for Chinese furniture. She observes that young Singaporeans tend to lean toward the eclectic style while the older generation buys newer pieces.

"The younger set is more into the eclectic mix: mixing Iranian carpet with a brightly-coloured or daring furniture and one piece from my shop. Then the older set goes more for reproductions because they prefer new furniture," she shares. "You can see it in the prices: reproductions are the more affordable ones while antiques are obviously more expensive."

Their customers' profile has also changed from having more expats shopping at FairPrice Antique over local homeowners to seeing the numbers go 50-50. "The range of products we have in our shop attracts both local and expat homeowners. We ensure that we only offer quality products. We source from North China because the wood from there is quite dense and hard. So if people are moving, it would not crack. The quality of wood is very good," notes Constanze, who goes on buying trips every three months.

Coloured bowls, price upon request

Jade tassels, from $50

Ladders, $330

Ceramic stool in different colours, from $200. Constanze says this is one of her favourite items in the shop. "It's versatile—you can place it on the entryway, as stool, night table, even in the shower area for the toiletries."

What made FairPrice Antique last this long? "It's in the name. We're about fair prices. We don't try to make our pieces very expensive. We don't give discounts because we believe our prices are already fair and affordable."

Constanze concludes, "I feel privileged to come here every day. I love being with our customers and advising them which furniture and home decor pieces would fit their needs in their homes."

FairPrice Antique
#01-10 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road
Singapore 169074
Tel. No.: 6270 2544

Open: Monday to Sunday 11am to 6pm

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