Spring Cleaning Hacks for Chinese New Year

Dust off the bad luck and bring the good luck in!

Updated on January 31, 2018 15:01 pm

Luisa Wong

CNY Spring Cleaning Hacks

Aside from the fancy lanterns and good food, ang baos and parades, dao sao chu is a cleaning ritual we do before the Chinese New Year. Every nook and cranny must be spotless. Every furniture and rooms must be squeaky clean.

No idea where to start? Here are cleaning hacks that you can do:


1. Establish a schedule.

Right before you jump in to cleaning mode, you must establish a schedule first. Create a cleaning schedule and let your family commit to that timeline. Break down tasks and assign rooms to your family members. Make decluttering and spring cleaning fun with your family being involved in the process.

2. Make up your mind.

Decide which one goes out and which one should stay. In this way, decluttering would be quicker and easier. Allot three boxes and label it with "Must throw away," "Must Stay," and "Undecided." Do not be confused with "Must stay" and "Undecided." The former are the necessary items that you will still use, while the latter are the items that you should consider throwing away. The "Must throw away" items can be completely thrown away, donated, or recycled. (Read: 8 Decluttering Reminders From the Pros)


3. Decide which room should go first.

Cleaning can be overwhelming. If you’ve got more rooms in your home, decide which one should go first. Know which room is causing you the most stress and start with it. Strictly follow the timeline you’ve created. In this way, you can save more time by efficiently allocating time to clean the rooms.

4. Prepare the tools.

As the Chinese saying goes: "Sharpen your tool before tackling a task." In cleaning your house, prepare the necessary tools to complete this task. Also, by preparing this beforehand, you’ll know what’s missing and you can be more efficient with your time.


5. Start from the top.

While it can be tempting to clean the dustiest part of your home, you will actually end up wiping and moping around the room. Unfortunately, going in circles may cause dirt to settle over the surface of the furniture and the cleaning detergent to drip all over the place. What you can do is to start cleaning from the top down to the bottom. In this way, you can ensure that you’ve cleaned everything down to the base and that you’ll never miss a spot.

6. Harness the power of baking soda.

Baking soda is an essential in baking, but it also has the power to clean and freshen up a place. It is effective in eliminating odour and making surfaces squeaky clean again. You can use it to clean stainless steel sinks, windows, as well as tiles. Just make sure that you mix it well with water so it won’t scratch the surfaces and use soft cloth when applying it.


7. Disinfect to protect.

Good housekeeping entails disinfecting. According to a study made by the National Sanitation Foundation, germs are most likely to breed in warm and moist environments. And kitchens are the hot spots for germs to live and multiply. Germ-proof your home by identifying the spots where they are thriving. Use disinfectants and apply it generously to the surfaces that need it most. After all, cleaning does not only mean wiping the surface but also going beyond the exterior.

So, bring the good luck in with a clean, spotless home that you can be proud of when your friends and relatives visit you to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

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