The Coolest Small Spaces We’ve Ever Seen

Design and aesthetics are never sacrificed in today’s micro homes.

Updated on June 09, 2017 11:06 am

Camille Besinga


Some homes usually don’t have much-needed, oft-desired space. But what lack there is of square footage is made up for loads of ingenuity and creativity in making each home as liveable and as comfortable as possible (not to mention as beautiful, too).


Check out these cool small homes we found and be inspired by the many, zany ways their homeowners solved their tiny-space problem.

Cool Small Space #1

The unbelievable thing about this space is that it was able to fit a living area, kitchen, dining, entryway, bedroom, bathroom, and closet all into 183 square feet.


Crisp, white walls visually enlarge the space, but warmth shows through the wooden kitchen countertop, sideboard, and ladder. Storage is not a problem, as everywhere you look, there is furniture doubling as storage space, like the living room “couch,” and closets in every corner.

Cool Small Space #2

In an infill home in Montana, USA, there is nowhere to go but up—if you can find the way up, that is.


A counterbalanced steel staircase can easily be pulled down and up without difficulty, creating lots of legroom in the floor below.

Cool Small Space #3

Micro lofts that measure only 225 to 450 square feet—like the one pictured below—are plentiful in the oldest indoor shopping mall in America in Providence, Rhode Island.


A smartly laid-out shoebox unit doesn’t lack in storage space, as there are closets and drawers in almost every square foot.

Cool Small Space #4

Use it as a guest room in your backyard, or perhaps a camping site outdoors. Whatever you use it for, this “hobbit barrel” is an ingenious creation by Greenwell, an outdoor company from Denmark.


With a sleeping area, storage space, and a living and dining area, the hobbit barrel measures only 61 square feet and can fit a maximum of two people.

Cool Small Space #5

Need to fit a home office in your minuscule space?


Take your cue from Ukrainian architect Denis Svirid, who fit an office, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and two bathrooms (yes, two!) in just 215 square feet of space. The key? High ceiling space.

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