5 Things Every Child's Bedroom Should Have

Add these to your child's bedroom to inspire imagination and create comfort.

Updated on January 09, 2018 10:01 am

Samantha Echavez

1. Cosy and glowing night light

Tell your child there's nothing to be afraid of at night especially when there's a cute and playful lamp on his bedside table.

SPÖKA LED Night Light, $24.90, IKEA

2. A wall or desk clock

This will enhance his or her time-telling skills and help him or her understand and establish routine.

Lego Boys Time Teacher Clock + Watch, $69, Lamkins

3. Soft toys

Give your child something to snuggle with—it can be a stuffed animal or even an eye-catching pillow.

Serendipity 18”, $39.90, Natures Collections

4. Books

Want to raise a reader? Surround your little one with books. Make sure you store them in playful and colourful bookshelves.

Castle Dollhouse Bookshelf, $249, Kids Haven

5. Something your kid chose

It can be an artwork, a lamp, or even the bedspread—something your child really wanted and could call his or her own. When decorating your kid's bedroom, don't forget his or her output.

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Cover photo courtesy of Conestoga Energy


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