Tired of Granite or Marble? Try Quartz

If you’re looking for the perfect luxury surfaces for your home but don’t want the extra maintenance headache that comes with it, you’ll want to consider quartz.

Updated on June 06, 2017 10:06 am

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There is much to love about stone countertops—they’re nice to look at, they’re sleek, and can last without fading. But when we’re looking at quality surfaces for our home, we want to look beyond just aesthetics. Other important things every homeowner should consider include the suitability for your lifestyle, cost, and maintenance. Thankfully, engineered stoneor quartz surfaces, as it’s better knownchecks all the boxes when it comes to these factors.

1. Quality look

Quartz slabs are manufactured such that their look can be manipulated. Colour, texture, and pattern can be controlled by the manufacturer, which also means you’ll be able to choose from a variety of designs. This control also allows for a consistent colour throughout quartz slabs.

2. Strong

In manufactured quartz slabs, the plastic goes all the way through, binding the material together and allowing the final product to resist impacts better than other stone surfaces.

3. Pore-free

Materials like granite and marble are both porous stones with tiny capillary channels between the minerals. If unsealed, these will absorb liquids such as wine. Because it has no such pores, quartz is stain-resistant and suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.

4. Hygienic

Thanks to being pore-free, quartz counters are hygienic and provide little opportunity for bacteria to grow. Besides this, cleaning is easy because quartz can be easily washed with soap and waterno need to spend the extra dime on bacteria-preventing soaps.

5. Low Maintenance

Stone surfaces like granite and marble countertops must be sealed regularly to prevent staining and growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, maintenance does not come cheap. The great thing about quartz is that it does not require any sealing or other routine maintenance.

6. Scratch-resistant

Thanks to smart manufacturing, your quartz surface is unlikely to get scratched as long as you exercise standard care.

7. Eco-friendly

Engineered stone counters are manufactured using waste products rather than quarrying new materials.

Flooring to get: Equartz

Not sure where to start? Try Equartz from homegrown brand Bio-labone, one of the first to introduce epoxy quartz to laboratories in Singapore. 

Equartz comes with a 7.0 ranking on the Measurement of Hardness (MOH) scale which is used to gauge the scratch-resistancy of a material. It ranks higher than granite, and just a little lower than topaz. You can also be assured that the surface won’t give you any maintenance frustrationthe brand promises that you won’t ever have to worry about your surfaces with its lifetime warranty.

You can take your pick from a diverse range of styles. If you’re going for something clean, try "basicity." Or "purity" if you like the monotone look. Choose "Eternity" if you want something a little more colourful. If a Laboratory standard is what you’re looking for, you can try "Divinity."

Visit www.equartz.biz to find out more.

Photos from www.equartz.biz


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