'Wall' Is Well: How To Prettify Your Walls at Home

A wall mural can completely change the look of any room in the house. Here are some tips on maximising its design potential.

Updated on August 22, 2017 9:08 am

Jerni Camposano

using wallpaper and mural to transform your home

One tried-and-tested way to instantly infuse drama to a room is to put up a mural. A mural turns a bland and boring wall into a focal point, thus transforming the space even without major renovations. It adds colour and texture, as well as dictates the theme of a room.

A well thought-out mural can also create the overall mood by tying together all the elements in the room. Although it is a task that should be enjoyed, make sure to put a lot of thought in picking the wall mural design for a specific space.

vintage statement wallpaper in the house


1. Create a great first impression.

Greet houseguests with an amazing wall mural by the entryway or foyer. It easily catches their attention, making it a great conversation starter.

japanese geisha wallpaper mural for a conversation starter

Source: MG The Wall Gallery

country style scenic mural wallpaper for a unique home


2. Turn boring into beguiling.

People usually walk up or down by the stairs without any fuss. Make the staircase more exciting by adding a mural on the wall adjacent to it.

use smaller design wall stickers in small spaces


3. Size matters.

A full wall mural will definitely create a great impact. But this is not applicable to all spaces. Keep in mind the dimensions of the room. Do not overwhelm a small room with a large or busy mural. Small patterns and designs will do.

landscape and panoramic view mural and wallpaper works well for a large living room

Buy: MG The Wall Gallery wall mural

Did you know that a wall mural can help create the illusion of a bigger space? Mural designs such as landscapes and panoramic views add depth to a space. Choose them for rooms that lack this luxury.

sweet pink sakura mural wallpaper for a bright and airy living room

Buy: MG The Wall Gallery wall mural

a modern graphic design mural wallpaper adds modern and futuristic look to the living room


4. It should complement the space.

The wall mural should not only get all the attention as the focal point. It should also be able to blend in with the room's interior.

japanese bamboo wallpaper mural for a nature looking zen house


soft oil painting mural wallpaper design for the bedroom


5. Select serene and soft designs for the bedroom.

The wall mural should articulate the comfort and cosiness of the bedroom. Choose designs that set the stage for a good night's sleep. Think zen.

cartoon animation wallpaper mural for kids room


6. Add some wall fun to the kid's room.

The little ones will appreciate mural designs they love: favourite superheroes for the young boys and fairytale princesses for the young girls.

world map mural wallpaper for the study room or spare room for cool vibes


But you can also add an element of learning and discovery in their rooms. A world map on their wall allows them to learn about the different countries and dream of one day visiting these places.

artistic quirky mural wallpaper creates big personalities in your house

Source: MG The Wall Gallery

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Source: MG The Wall Gallery

7. Let the wall show your passion.

The easiest way to decide on a mural design is to go with what your heart tells you—pick something you are most passionate about, whether it is music, photography, or sailing, let your mural do the talking.

scenic landscape mural wallpaper creates a mood for your apartment


scenic landscape mural wallpaper creates a mood for your room

Buy: MG The Wall Gallery wall mural

8. Escape to some place wonderful.

A mural can remind you of the good things in life and instantly change the atmosphere. It also does an amazing job of transporting you to a tropical paradise, a lush forest, or a busy shopping district. Imagine dining al fresco in Maldives, thanks to a mural of the azure ocean in the dining room. Or revisit your memorable trip to Mykonos with a photographic mural of this Greek island.

a mural with your own photos adds personality to your home


9. Personalise it.

If you are the sentimental type, you can always make it personal by opting for photos that strike a chord in your heart. The mural above is a photo of the house owner's parents. Captured moments of your wedding, vacations, and other memorable events can also be used as a design for a mural.

wall stickers with words add instant fun into the house


10. Make a statement.

Words can also become part of your wall. Instead of images, choose a quote that will inspire every dweller as well as guest of the house.

Cover photo courtesy of MG The Wall Gallery

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