Ways to Get Rid of Lizards in HDB Homes

No more of these uninvited guests for homeowners with herpetophobia

Updated on June 26, 2017 15:06 pm

Alexis Wang


One of the many uninvited guests in HDB homes is the common house gecko, a nocturnal reptile that can help reduce insects at homes. However, its droppings can cause a lot of nuisance to homeowners. These droppings tend to gather in corners and behind picture frames where they hide, or can occasionally dribble down your wall.

While geckos are believed to be good omen in Southeast Asia, homeowners with herpetophobia may not be so keen to see them. Here are some ways to reduce the lizard population in your homes:


Lizard traps: This is readily available in supermarkets and hardware shops. Sold for less than $5, it is usually made of cardboard with attractants and glue inside, which folds into a box to trap them.


Lizard repellent: Insect repellent and pesticide are not enough to kill these lizards, and a few spray will evoke some play-dead antics before it scurries away. Supermarkets such as Fairprice carry lizard repellents, which do not kill these lizards but will affect their ability to cling onto surfaces.

Homemade sprays: As lizards are cold-blooded animals that are sensitive to temperature changes, spray some cold water to freeze them before sweeping them away. A mixture of pepper, vinegar, and lemon will chase them away as they are intolerant to the sharp spiciness.


Hang lemongrass teabags: Finished drinking your lemongrass tea? Reuse the teabags by hanging them at areas with lizard droppings to keep them at bay. Alternatively, a few drops of lemongrass essential oil will do the trick, too.

Keep small pets: Cats and dogs are natural predators that will help reduce the lizard population. The downside is that your pet might leave these dead lizards at your door as gifts.

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