What We Love: Three Showstopping Pieces from Vicara

Going beyond the “established way of thinking,” Vicara carries an exclusive selection of items that are ingenious and innovative.

Updated on June 06, 2017 10:06 am

Samantha Echavez


We like our home to house one-of-a-kind accessories, items that you don’t see everywhere. A Burmese rice pot or a console table from Marrakech sounds more spellbinding than run-of-the-mill furniture available at your neighbourhood depot. Why go for mass-market pendant lights when you can have designer lamps that prove you’re a stylish and discerning homeowner? Vicara, a Lisbon-based brand, is dedicated to showcasing products that are pushing the boundaries of design. Going beyond the “established way of thinking,” Vicara carries an exclusive selection of items that are ingenious and innovative. Conversation pieces you say? Look no more. Here are three Vicara products that will impress you:

Cartonado Table Lamp

A lamp fashioned out of cardboards...it’s an out-of-the-box concept successfully executed by designer Fábio Afonso. This lightweight and easily mountable lamp is made of laser cut and hand-glued cardboard profiles. It's flexible and thus customisable—expect to have a field day coming up with several lamp profiles. The inspiration behind this creation? Love for bookbinding and utterly precise craftsmanship.

The Cartonado is sturdy and state-of-the-art.

The beauty is in the details.


Cork as a material for fruit bowl or a bread basket? Why not? Tiago Sá da Costa, who has a penchant for creating materials out of corks, crafted this quirky piece by using heat to mold cork agglomerate sheets into three dimensional shapes. The result of such craftsmanship is this 100 percent natural and sustainable beauty. It's official: We're bowled over by its brilliant shape, its dynamic character.

Corkybowl: The Quirky Bowl
The bread looks at home in this Tiago Sá da Costa creation.

Medallion Candle Holder

Vicara's Medallion Candle Holder evokes the elegance of the grand tradition of crocheting and decorative knitting. Designed by Gonçalo Campos and Maria Bruno Néo, each Medallion has an individually knitted handle carefully placed on the body using a state-of-the-art detail-preserving technique. Each candle holder boasts of intricate detailing. Another proof to the craftsmanship of this item: No two items are the same. The Medallion Candleholders definitely make for dainty and exquisite decorative pieces.

There are no two identical items.

For more information and for inquiries, check out the Cartonado, Corkybowl, and Medallion Candle Holder in Cromly's Catalogue Section.


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