What You Can DIY and What You Should Leave to the Pros

Need to tackle a home project but not sure if you should do it yourself or hire someone else to do it? Here’s our recommended plan of action.

Updated on January 31, 2018 16:01 pm

Camille Besinga

home improvement ideas you can diy

If you’re mulling about whether or not you should hire a contractor or carpenter to upgrade your space, first think about how big your project is and what it would entail. Will you be doing superficial alterations to your space, or will structure be ultimately affected?

Normally, decorative add-ons and superficial alterations can be done by anyone willing to wield a tool or so. (That is, unless your planned décor requires fancy woodwork, like carving or sawing, or involves metal, in which case, it’s better to get a skilled carpenter to do it for you.)

If you intend to knock down walls, take on electric wiring or plumbing, or do some heavy-duty lifting and/or constructing, it’s best to leave those projects in the hands of professionals, who will know exactly what to do as well as follow the standard safety procedures before, during, and after such undertakings.

Make painting wall and surfaces your own DIY project.

painting walls can be your own home improvement project


You can also paint trim, pattern, or a faux finish on other surfaces you’d like to highlight, like these cabinets.

painting and changing the finish of cabinets at home

Design by JSR Design

Some nifty tips on everything paint-related here:

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Hang frames, mirrors, artwork on your walls with the help of a handheld drill and screws, or even with a nail and hammer, depending on your surface.

hanging posters and artwork yourself at home


Check out or easy how-to here or the video tutorial here.

With home tools you can easily purchase from the hardware store, it’s easy to install wall trim, crown moulding, chair rail, dado rail, or baseboards on your own.

home improvement ideas of installing wall trim and mouldings


Get tips here and here.

Of course, if you don’t want to trouble yourself with trial-and-error projects, the easier way (though more costly, mind you) is to hire the pros to do everything for you!

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