Your Guide to Getting the Right Dining Table Size

Don’t know what kind of dining table to get for your space? Look no further than our guide below.

Updated on June 13, 2017 10:06 am

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There are two things to first consider when buying a dining table for your space:

1. The size of the room where you’ll be placing the table, and

2. The number of people who will be occupying the table.

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First, measure the size of your space. Then, bring a tape measure along with you to the store so you’re sure of your dimensions.

Size of Room

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Ideally, there should be at least 36" distance from the table edge and wall or nearby piece of furniture (like a buffet console), to allow for traffic to pass through, as well as to have enough comfortable seating space.

Height of Tables

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Dining tables are normally 30" high.

Shape of Table

Consider the shape of your room or dining area.


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Square rooms may generally accommodate square and round tables. If your square room is small, it’s better to get a round table, as having fewer or no corners maximizes the limited square footage.

Contemporary teak double table by Originals Singapore

Gubi table by Danish Design

Hemma White Dining Set, $559, Cromly Shop

Devon Oak Dining Set, $499.90, Cromly Shop

Rectangular rooms may normally accommodate rectangular or oval-shaped tables. Sizable rooms (like ballrooms and event venues) may, of course, have many tables in square, round, rectangular, or oval shapes, so it’s best to follow the guide for number of people to seat at these tables.

Number of People to Seat

Each person must have at least a 24"- to 30"-wide space for his or her place settings. This would depend on the kind of dining settings you will be placing—the more formal setting, the bigger the width needed to accommodate more plates, glasses, and cutlery.

Round tables (diameter size)

Marriot dining set by Roops

2-3 persons: 3 feet.

4-6 persons: 4 feet.

7-8 persons: 5 feet.

8-9 persons: 6 feet.

9-11 persons: 7 feet.

10-12 persons: 8 feet.

11-14 persons: 9 feet.

12-15 persons: 10 feet.

Square Tables (length of each side)


2 persons: 2 feet 6 inches.

4 persons: 3 feet.

4-6 persons: 4 or 5 feet (depending on room space).

8-10 persons: 6 feet.

8-12 persons: 8 feet.

Rectangular or Oval Tables (width x length)

Design by Space Factor Pte Ltd

2 persons: 2 ft. 6 in. (W) x 3 ft. 6 in. (L)

4-6 persons: 2 ft. 6 in. (W) x 5 ft. (L)

6-8 persons: 3 ft. (W) x 6 ft. (L)

8-10 persons: 3 ft. 6 in. (W) x 8 ft. (L)

10-12 persons: 4 ft. 6 in. (W) x 10 ft. (L)

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