House Tour: Gerard and Rebecca's Dream Home

Sometimes the best home designs are simply collages of our favourite things. Read about how newlyweds Gerard and Rebecca curated some of their favourite items to create their dream home.

Updated on August 10, 2017 14:08 pm

Michelle Ong

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After three years of waiting for their "Build-To-Order" apartment, newlyweds Gerard, 34, and Rebecca, 26, finally have a place to call their own. We speak to Rebecca to find out more about what they did to build their lovely love nest.

What is the theme of your home design and where did you get the inspiration to do your home from?

Scandinavian industrial. Actually I think it’s just a mix of themes that my husband and I liked. We got most of our inspirations from the Internet and from visiting cafes and furniture shops.

Did you have any external help from an interior design?

We didn’t engage an interior designer as we already had some ideas of how we wanted our house to look like. However, we did get some advice from our friend who is an interior designer.

How much and how long did it take to renovate your home?

It took 10 weeks and about $26,000.

cosy scandinavian style living room

What are some of the considerations you had when you were planning for the design of your home?

Striking a balance between aesthetics and practicality was a huge consideration for us. We decided together and weighed the pros and cons—it had to be something that was not difficult to clean and could be maintained because we believe even the nicest item will turn ugly if not maintained properly. At the same time, we had to make prudent decisions to keep within a set budget. To avoid buying on impulse, we visited Renovation and IT fairs, and joined our estate’s Facebook page to check out other homeowners’ buys and sales. We also created excel sheets to manage our spendings, so we could keep track of our purchases.

What were the challenges you had when you renovated your home?

It was not easy coordinating and supervising the work of different contractors, amidst our own work commitments. I’m very thankful for my husband, as he sacrificed many of his lunch hours to drive down to the site almost every day during the period of our renovation.

Are there any smart design tricks around the house?

Some of the things we did included:

1. We have messy-looking cables running around the floor, so we used photo frames and flower vases to camouflage them.

2. We’ve kept the colour palette of fixed items (the walls and tiles, for examples) neutral so that we can play around with little details when we get bored. These little details include the pops of colours you see in our paintings, furniture, and cushions.

photography and dried flowers decoration - cosy corner of bedroom

Is there a particular place you go to for your furniture?

We went to IKEA for furniture and visited for lights.

Which is your favourite part of your home?

It’s really difficult to choose a favourite part of the home because there are so many features that we love. Perhaps one of our favourites would be the geometric shape pendant lights—they come in a unique design and provide a warm and cosy ambience at night. As for the island, we like it simply because we designed it, and it has served us and our guests very well. We also love the sleek design and functionality of the Haiku fan that we got for our living room. We also love the day curtains we’ve recently added to our house. It’s very dreamy and I love it so much. After adding them, I feel that my home has achieved the "softer" look I was going for.

geometric shape pendant lights - cosy ambience at home

What advice would you give to new homeowners out there?

Do not be in a rush to buy everything and fill up every corner of your house. You’ll only know if you really need a particular furniture or item after you’ve stayed in the house after awhile. Forget about trends or impressing anyone. Focus on creating a space that you can call home and be comfortable in, without burning a hole in your pocket. Ultimately, it is not about how spectacular the house is, but how happy you are in it with your loved ones that truly matter.

oil paint artwork to decorate the house

“This artwork is done by my husband and myself for our anniversary.”

minimalist ceiling fan for a scandinavian style apartment

"This is from Universal Union Enterprises Pte Ltd in Balestier."

pallet crates as a coffee table or side table - industrial scandinavian style

“Got the crates free-of-charge—my husband took it from his office which is in the industrial area.”

warm wood flooring

“We got our tiles from Evorich.”

DIY artwork with dried flowers for a quirky scandinavian country style

“We got the black frame from IKEA and attached our own dried flowers to it.”

quartz table top customized table that doubles as dining table and work station

“The day curtains are one of my favourite parts of the house. It’s very dreamy. After adding it, I feel like I’ve stepped into a dream. The curtains are from CurtainStory"

“My husband and I wanted a customised island table with a Quartz top so we designed one. We got our contractor to liaise with a carpenter to create our design. We wanted a table that could fit at least eight people so we created a longer table that measures 7 by 3 feet, and a slightly higher table that is 0.9 metres so that it stands out from other furniture. This also comes with extra storage at the base.”

cool wall sticker provides personality to the apartment

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Choong


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