House Tour: Unobstructed View of the Pool From Almost Anywhere

In this private residence, bliss means having a grand view of the pool from almost every room in the house.

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

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A home built around a tranquil swimming pool can very well be the envy of many homeowners who can only dream of this feature in their own spaces. Think quick morning swim, relaxing afternoon float, and fun weekend pool parties. Aren't these enough to make you want to live in this house?

For a family of five—a lawyer who lives with his banker wife and three teenage children—such a house located on Sunset Avenue is what they call home. We can only imagine how idyllic their daily life is.

When the family tapped architectural boutique design firm TOPOS Design Studio to create this contemporary home for them, they asked for the following: exclusivity, privacy, and family cohesiveness. The family wanted to have that chance of reinventing their domestic lifestyle by enjoying quality time together at home.

"The design concept was motivated by practical concerns," says TOPOS Design Studio. "We aimed to design a house that allows the owners to have the maximum view of the whole house while ensuring privacy."

Posing a problem to the designers is the property's odd-shaped land area. TOPOS Design Studio had to reconfigure the land use to maximise the plot ratio and afford the family the best living experience that they deserve.

Despite sitting on its own piece of land, the house actually has little visual privacy from its neighbours. Hence, the challenge for its designers to create an exclusive space for the family.

"We tried to create a sense of exclusiveness and spiritual privacy to the house. Therefore, the building was designed around the pool in a U-shaped format with large instant trees for shade and privacy. The building was incorporated seamlessly into the language of the awkward site, therefore allowing them to enjoy the fantastic scenery as part of their daily lives, in a new engagement with their site. It also gives a greater measure or privacy as one nuclear unit," says TOPOS Design Studio.

If you are already in awe of its exterior elements, wait till you see what's inside the house. This abode features six bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. The family also spends time together in the family room, living room, dining room, wine cellars, music entertainment room, study room, and dry and wet kitchen.

The living room is a breezy space decorated with elegant furnishings such as a sophisticated chandelier, grand piano, white long sofa, and two iconic chairs in one space: Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen and Eames Lounge by Charles and Ray Eames.

Eames Lounge Chair at the study room is a favourite nook for bookworms.

The Egg Chair, paired with a quirky glass table, by the glass door near the pool area is the perfect spot to lounge about.

The design of the house allows for natural ventilation to provide cooling as its orientation is aligned to the direction of the wind. "Thus, it allows the wind to flow freely through the home to the courtyard and to the back of the house to further compliment the floor to ceiling height. In addition, operable aluminium sun-shading screen panels are incorporated," says TOPOS Design Studio.

According to TOPOS Design Studio, quality materials and finishes were used for the home's surfaces, partitions, floorings, and walls:
* Living, dining, dry kitchen: Bianco Carrara C and Molton Brown Marble
* All outdoors and external walls: Bush hammered and flamed Kur Grey Granite
* Flooring for all bedrooms and common corridors: Burmese Teak Timber
* Bathrooms: Calacatta Oro and Breccia Paradiso Marble
* Bedroom wallpapers: Various vinyl backed Essex wallpaper

The kitchen is a central part of the house. Just like the pool courtyard, it connects the main spaces of this sanctuary. "With the spaces and rooms wrapped around these two areas, direct views from any point in the house are created, and a sense of community is ensured," TOPOS Design Studio explains.

The kitchen area is large enough to accommodate family gatherings as it occupies the size of 1 ½ average rooms. Located right in the centre of the house and adjacent to the pool, it is designed to be an open area where residents can just step in and out and still have interactions with other family members.

The designer used blue turquoise mosaic tiles for the pool. Also in the pool area is a white spiral staircase that leads up to an open lounging area if any of the family members want to soak up some sun.

"The key feature of this house? The building's U-shaped design that encompasses the pool from all directions and therefore allowing the owners a complete unobstructed view of the pool from many parts of the house," claims TOPOS Design Studio.

Thanks to wide glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows, such a relaxing view has been possible for this lucky family. What bliss!

Photos courtesy of TOPOS Design Studio


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