12 Practical Ways to Pack For Your Trip

Pack right for a hassle-free travel!

Updated on October 05, 2017 8:10 am

Jemma Chiu

Practical Ways to Pack For Your Trip

Finally jetting off to somewhere for a much-needed vacation or just going on a business trip? Have you finished packing?

For some, packing can be a daunting task—there's just too many things to consider. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pack just the right way:

1. List down the things you need.

Never underestimate the value of a checklist when packing for your next trip. But make sure to only include absolute essentials and use your checklist as a reference especially if you’re pressed for time.


2. Make your suitcase stand out.

Aside from being reflective of your personal style, having a suitcase with standout details also lets you find it more easily at the baggage carousel. Put a unique tag on it or choose one with a colourful print.


3. Use packing cubes.

Packing cubes help you organise items into separate compartments, making it easier to locate stuff when you need them. It also helps you unpack and place them in your hotel dresser quickly.

4. Place the heaviest items closest to your suitcase’s wheels.

If you’re using a rolling luggage, keep the heaviest items nearest to the wheels so that the weight is concentrated at the bottom, making it a lot easier to roll the bag.


5. Roll your clothes.

If you want to save more space, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Only fold the ones that wrinkle easily. Also, fold them inside out to minimise creases.

6. Bring toiletries in travel-sized bottles.

Avoid bringing toiletries in large bottles if you will only be away for a few days. Don’t worry about running out of them, especially if you can buy the same item in your destination.


7. Separate in-flight essentials.

Sometimes, you scramble to find your headphones, smartphone, or wallet mid-flight. Put them all in one pouch so it’s faster to pull them out when you need them.

8. Mix and match.

Don’t bring a piece of clothing you can’t mix with another item—it will only add to your excess baggage. There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you brought twice as much as you need in your trip. Consider your activities and only bring clothes that you can either wear twice or pair with several other items.


9. Put your socks inside your shoes.

Save some space in your bag by using the extra space inside your shoes as storage for your socks. It will also save you time looking where you kept your socks.

11. Stack your bras on top of each other.

Maintain the shape of your bras while saving some space by stacking them on top of each other. You can also place some pieces of underwear inside the cups of your bra.


10. Use your sunglass pouch as storage for other items.

Your sunglass case may just be the perfect storage area for loose wires and jewelleries. It’s not only easy to open and close, but also convenient to carry when you're on the go.


12. Don't forget to pack a laundry bag.

Laundry bags come in handy especially when separating dirty clothes from clean ones, making it easy for you to wash them after your trip.

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