A Quick and Easy Way to Change the Look of Your Light Fixtures

Don’t like the way your lights look at home? Be inspired by this home project by <a href="http://www.chatfieldcourt.com/" target="_blank">Kristi of Chatfield Court</a>, who DIY-ed her recessed lights and a fantastic, vintage-looking orb light fixture.

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Kristi of www.ChatfieldCourt.com

how to update the look of your lightings

My guest bedroom has four recessed lights and a very unattractive ceiling light (commonly referred to as a boob light). I shared in a previous post about different lighting styles I was considering to replace the centre ceiling fixture. I did know that I wanted to get rid of the silver around the recessed lights, but I wasn’t sure what I would do about the boob light.

how to replace a ugly ceiling light


While considering what to do with the boob light, I went about changing the recessed lights. I tried to find lights in white to switch out with the silver, but finding the right size was difficult and parts were expensive, so I decided to paint them. I just removed the silver ring and the silver cap that frame the bulb and sprayed them with two coats of Rust-Oleum High Heat spray paint (a locally available alternate to it is Krylon High Heat & Radiator Spray, available in estore.com.sg).

high heat spray paint


I used this paint because the bulbs burn hot, plus our attic gets really warm in the summer and you can feel the heat come from the light openings. It’s not a glossy finish, but it does blend in well with my newly painted ceiling.

spray painting the cover of the recess light on the ceiling


Now that the recessed lights were taken care of, it was time for the ceiling light to come down. I looked at lots of different styles, but all of the ones I really liked were expensive, so I decided to try and make my own. I had a rusty metal orb that I bought last year for around US$20 (SGD25.90).

rusty metal orb ornament for home improvement lighting idea


I thought I could try to make some kind of hanging light with it, like this one (which costs US$169 or SGD218.83)…

metal steel orb modern hanging light


I wasn’t sure I would get a three-bulb piece in it like the inspiration, but I could always just buy a hanging light kit and use a single bulb. I usually don’t have great luck at thrifting, but on a trip to Goodwill one day, I just happened to find this old brass hanging light and thought that it was worth the US$4.99 (SGD6.46) price tag to see if we could get it to fit.

vintage brass and glass shape hanging light


We took the light apart and carefully tried to fit it into the orb. I had my doubts, but wouldn’t you know, it fit! We took it back out, I cleaned it all up, and spray-painted it. I used Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic finish in Oil-Rubbed Bronze (available at Colorland, Home Fix, or Estore).

bronze spray paint for rusty metal


I also threw a coat of spray paint on the old and discoloured plastic candle sleeves.

spray paint for the candle sleeves for hanging light


My husband drilled a hole in the orb so that the rod to the light could be attached.

drilling into the metal orb for attaching hangers for the ceiling light


We carefully tucked the three-bulb light fixture back into the orb and hung it up. It is perfect for the room—just the right scale and I love how it looks.

sample of the home improvement diy hanging light


It will look great with my antique armoire and the wall planking. I could always knock off the rust and paint, but I’m really loving it as it is. Plus it only cost me a total of US$24.99 (SGD32.36)!

I’ve had my fair share of trouble with projects lately, but everything in this one just fell effortlessly into place. Have you ever done a project that just went right from the beginning? Have you ever made a light fixture out of random stuff before?

This entry first appeared on ChatfieldCourt.com. Minor edits have been made by Cromly’s editors.

Cover photo courtesy of Chatfield Court

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