7 Genius Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless Car

Keep your ride clean with these handy tips!

Updated on September 15, 2017 8:09 am

Stephanie Yee

Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless Car

Imagine if your car looks brand new every day. Wouldn’t it be nice especially when your loved ones ride with you?

No need to be embarrassed with how your car looks or smells when you master these simple car cleaning hacks:

get rid of trash in the car


1. Get rid of trash.

Water bottles or crumpled papers are often overlooked in your car. Without realising it, these items have been in your car for the longest time. Push your seats forward and pull out your floor mats so you won’t miss a single piece. It's also advisable to place a trash bin inside your car, and empty it as often as you can.

toothbrush to keep car clean


2. The toothbrush can be your best friend.

Do you hate those dirt and crumbs embedded in your seat cushions? Use a fine-bristled brush and dish soap diluted in water to get them out.

diy freshener for cars


3. Go for DIY freshener.

Why spend on expensive car fresheners when you can make one yourself? Learn how to create you own baking soda air freshener and use it in your car. You can also use a few drops of lavender, rosemary, and other essential oils and drop it on a clothespin clipped to your vent. Check how well it works when you turn the air conditioner on.

Clean car leather seats with olive oil


4. Clean leather seats with olive oil.

This may sound new to you but using olive oil is actually a great way to clean your car’s leather seats. Use it after washing the seats with soap but don’t overdo it so your seats won’t be greasy.

Rub your wipers with alcohol


5. Rub your wipers with alcohol.

Everyone hates a slimy windshield. Prevent your windshield wipers from leaving streaks by wiping it with alcohol. You will still need to regularly replace your wipers but cleaning them this way will make them last longer.

Invest in foam brush for your car


6. Invest in foam brush.

Cleaning your air conditioning vents is important in preventing the growth of mould as well as bad car smells. You can simply use a foam brush and paint brush to remove the dust in between vents and other hard-to-reach spaces.

baby wipes to clean car


7. Don’t disregard your baby wipes.

Put your baby wipes into another good use by using it to clean your windshield and car windows. Who knew it will be that more useful?

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