DIY Your Way To An Enchanting Bedroom

Learn a crafty thing or two from this blogger who refurbished her master bedroom in a subtly elegant and creative way.

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

Samantha Echavez


Belinda Graham's Happy Home Blog is a repository of all things DIY and delightful. Recently, she just finished sprucing up her master's bedroom, turning it into a darling of a space for her and her husband. Find out how she used her crafty skills and kick-ass creativity to set up a Pinterest-worthy place.

Belinda whitewashed the floors and created a dark grey feature wall. "After patching some of the joints with wood putty and painting it, I loved the wall. It kind of looks like an old weatherboard wall that we have painted—not a brand new one and I like that," Belinda said. "We can also see some knots and grain, which is a nice change to the flatness of the white walls. And I love the color—it's Rhino Grey by British Paints and is a magical color-changing color. Sometimes it's grey, sometimes it's blue, other times it looks black."

Belinda also installed a diamond light to prettify her corner. "I absolutely love it—I planned a lot of this space around that darn thing: a dark wall, a white cord with gold fitting (I spray-painted it) so the diamond shape would really stand out," she said. The Hydrangeas are from her garden as well.

Belinda turned to a space-saving chest of drawers to hold all her clothes and display tabletop trinkets. "Due to a serious lack of storage in the house, we're all just keeping a few faves on high rotation," Belinda said. The Z is a mini marquee light, which she made herself, and the tiny gold-leafed vase was also another DIY project of hers.

Read more about her bedroom makeover here.

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Photos courtesy of Belinda Graham

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DIY Your Way To An Enchanting Bedroom

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