How to Protect your Gadgets from Pets

Increase your gadget's lifespan with some of these tips.

Updated on January 31, 2018 16:01 pm

Alexis Wang

1. Mind your wires. Dangling electronics such as wires are seen as toys by your pets, and will be subject to chewing, scratching, and playing. However, such play time can become a nightmare when your pets find themselves helplessly strangled or electrocuted by exposed wires. To avoid any tragedy, bundle your wires or hide them out of reach behind your furniture, and spray deterrents such as garlic, lavender oil, and lemon juice.


2. Clean the fur out of your gadgets. Brush your pets’ hair often to reduce shedding. Keep a lint roller, and vacuum stray furs. Clean out the inside of your computer with dryer sheets as the hair can build up over time and prevent your hardware from working.

3. Cover your screen with a protector or guard. Overzealous pets may climb onto your desk and knock your screen over. To minimise chances of screen cracks and scratches, use a screen protector or screen guard.

4. Place pet repellant products. Use citrus-scented air freshener and place little sachets of lavender- or citrus-scented odour repellants around your electronics to deter cats from entering off-limits area.


5. Use a keyboard cover to shield your keyboard from fur, slobber and dirt, as these will fall into the crevices of your keyboard and affect their lifespan.

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