Ingenious IKEA Hacks You Might Want to Copy

Everyone’s made lists about useful IKEA hacks, but these are just…amazing!

Updated on June 06, 2017 21:06 pm

Camille Besinga


A drop ceiling installation made of LACK tables


Ceilings are often overlooked, but adding a drop installation like the one above is a great way to make ordinary light fixtures look more appealing, or perhaps to cover up a lackluster (or even damaged) ceiling.

A “fauxdenza” made from Applad/Abstrakt and Akkurum



With the help of several Applad or Abstrakt doors, Akurum wall cabinets and suspension rail, and some items from the lumber yard, you can have a beautiful “fauxdenza” in your dining room, or any narrow corridor in your home that needs storage or display space. Choose to go Scandinavian with white and wood, or a little glam with black and white with brass handles.

A pendant lamp fashioned out of the Angenäm dish


Those hipster-vibe pendant lamps are so trendy right now, but they can be a little more pricey than we’d like to admit. This DIY lamp from A Beautiful Mess gives us a great-looking lamp that’s also within our budget.

Child’s wardrobe out of Expedit shelves and Lekman boxes


We may not have the Expedit anymore (R.I.P.), but IKEA’s still got other alternatives we can use (plus those Lekman boxes) to recreate this child’s wardrobe.

A draisienne out of the Frosta stools


If you had told me I can make a rider-propelled bike out of the Frosta stool, I wouldn’t have believed you. Just show me this photo next time and I will believe anything you say!

A cool, pro-looking wine rack out of Besta filing cabinets


Are you running out of wall space for your collection of vino? Who would’ve thought the Besta filing cabinet would fulfil this particular need?

A simple laundry trolley out of Lack tables


There are so many hacks for Lacks (pun intended) out there, but some require more carpentry than the ordinary Joe and Jane would know. This one, though, is pretty easy, even your auntie can do it. And use it!

A toddler activity tower using the Bekvam step stool


Your two-year-old just wants in on everything you’re doing table-height. This activity tower solves that problem, while keeping your tiny tot safe and sound too.

A bar cart made from the Nornäs table


While the Nornäs isn’t normally available in all Ikea countries, this hack is still doable with other consoles or tables available in your favourite Swedish super-store. Doesn’t it look stylish with a new coat of paint and those gold handles and wheels?

A home bar made out of Billy bookshelves and Rotvik lampshades


You really love your drink, don’t you? Enjoy happy hour within the comforts of home—this home bar looks just like its Hawaiian Kon-tiki bar counterpart, your friends would be jumping at the chance of every invite from you.

Cover photo courtesy of Ikea Hackers

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