10 Strategies for Stress-Free Travel With Kids

Enjoying a vacation with children need not be a hassle for you and for them.

Updated on July 14, 2017 8:07 am

Catherine Zhang


Going on a family holiday soon and worried things will not turn out well for your kids? Here are some tips to ensure you get to travel with them without stressing too much:

1. Preparation is key.

Before your trip, talk to your kids about your upcoming trip and explain things to them such as where you’re going, how long the trip will be, and the activities they should look forward to.


2. Ask for their opinion.

Excite them by asking for their opinion and giving them a chance to vote on things. This gives you an idea on what they want for the trip and will lessen the chances of them complaining. When planning for your itinerary, include kids’ activities such as a safari tour or a day in an amusement park.

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai's kiddie pool. Source

3. Pick a kid-friendly accommodation.

Traveling does not mean your kids should not feel at home. Do this by choosing an accommodation with facilities for kids, such as kiddie pools or an outdoor playground. This will also allow you to have some time off.


4. Boost your kid's immune system before the trip.

You don't want your kids getting ill while you're on vacation. Prevent this from happening by boosting their immune system before you jet off. Make them eat and sleep well and take vitamins prior to your trip.

5. Bring something that can relieve their boredom.

Some kids are not good with the waiting game. For long trips, pulling out a new toy or a book can help relieve their boredom and tantrum. However, traveling light is still important so only bring items that will really help. We suggest bringing a travel doodle mat ($15.90, Shopee) to keep your child entertained wherever you go.


6. Pack light.

While it is advisable to bring small surprises for your kids, packing light is still the way to go, especially if you’re traveling as a solo parent. Remember, aside from your baggage, you also have your kid to think about. Just bring the essentials, and you can always buy the other stuff when you reach your destination.

7. Be organised.

One way to ensure that you have what you need when you need it is to be organised. Keep your stuff in a bag with different pockets and compartments so that you can easily find items when your kids need them. Find one that expands for bigger capacity and easy packing.


8. Bring medicines.

Stock up on medicines for common illnesses such as fever, stomach ache, and flu. Don’t forget to bring bandages and hand sanitisers, and list down contact details of hospitals near your destination.

9. Bring a stroller for small children.

Strollers are a great help especially for trips that require a lot of walking. To minimise the hassle, bring only a light, foldable, and compact stroller that's sturdy enough for your child. Get this ultra-lightweight one-hand fold stroller by Kiddopotamus ($139, Lazada).


10. Pack travel snacks.

Food is also important when traveling with kids especially if the trip requires long waiting time—you want to avoid meltdowns due to hunger. Don't forget to bring smart travel snacks such as cereals, sandwiches, and butter crackers.

Happy trip!

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