12 Things to Do as a Family This Christmas

Christmas is extra special when spent with the ones you love.

Updated on June 26, 2017 15:06 pm

Suqi Ng


This is the year you will make your Christmas celebrations more intimate, unforgettable, and fun! Tips for your family below:


1. Make Christmas cards and post them together.


Making a do-it-yourself Christmas card isn’t as challenging as most people think! Here are some ideas: Grab a few old buttons (or you can buy them at craft shops) and design a Snowman or a pretty Christmas tree on your card. Be as creative as you can be. The children will love the art session and the recipients of the cards will feel more warmth and love in receiving such lovely handmade gifts!

Get more DIY card ideas here.


2. Decorate the Christmas tree together.

Decorating the Christmas tree should be made an annual family affair! (Here are creative ornament ideas.)

Appoint each member of the family to a task. An adult should be handling the Christmas lights, while the little ones can help with hanging the ornaments. Give each of them something to do to make them feel important—one to hang the Christmas balls and snowflakes, one to decorate the tree with little angel decor and stars.

Too many little ones around that they are prone to squabbling about their Christmas tree decorating assignments? Get the littlest one to be the “Art Director” to supervise the decoration, then carry her up and let her do the honour of placing the largest star or angel on the top of the tree.

Bean Bag Package from Bean Bag Mart

3. Watch a Christmas movie at home together!

If your children love Dr. Seuss’s books, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas will delight them. The Polar Express is a pretty popular choice, too. Or, you can simply settle with the lovely classic A Christmas Carol. Oh, and do remember the popcorns and fruit juices! Make the family gathering comfortable. Relax on these comfy bean bags from Doob Bean Bags while you enjoy the movie.


4. Make a scrapbook together, pasting together photos showing family fun.

Enlist the children’s help in choosing the photos. Get ready for lots of laughter as you guys review your nostalgic pictures. Sort them out and arrange them on the pages, then choose the embellishments. Beautiful embellishments can be purchased from the stores but you can also make your own! An idea: Cut out letters and prints from old magazines then paste them together to form your photo captions!

Here are other cool and creative ways of displaying those family photos.

5. Bake Gingerbread Man cookies and other yummy goodies together!

Try cool baking pans, which can be used to make pop cakes. The children will be delighted!

6. Play family board games like Scrabble and Monopoly together.

Other great family games include Game of Life, Charade, Clue (which is great for the detective novel lovers), Twister, or the classic Snake and Ladder.

Source: Orchard Road Facebook page

7. Have a Christmas drive through Orchard Road when it comes alive at night, glittering and glamorous, with all the beautiful décor!

Not satisfied with just enjoying the Christmas lightings alone? Catch the Tanglin Mall annual snow fest, happening also this Christmas season! The family will enjoy playing with the falling “snow” and pretend that there is winter in our tropical island.

8. Read Christmas stories like Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer together.

Incite love for books while celebrating the joys of the Yuletide season!


9. Eat log cakes!

This is a lovely tradition that cannot be missed. You can make one yourself, and let the children decorate it, or just get one from the bakery and enjoy it as a family.


10. Write a letter to Santa together.

Let the children do this before December 25 (so you know what presents to get for them!) and you can write a letter to Santa yourself, too. Give hubby (or wifey) a hint on what to get you for Christmas.


11. Wrap Christmas gifts together!

Getting the children involved in choosing and then wrapping loved ones’ presents will teach them about the spirit of giving. They will also enjoy penning down loving notes on the gift cards to go with the presents.

12.Tuck the children in, kiss them goodnight, place their presents under the Christmas tree, and wait to see their response on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas!

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