How to Prettify Your Daughter’s Bedroom and Score the "World’s Greatest Mother" Award

Turning your daughter’s bedroom into an eye candy requires more than peppering her space with all things pink and girly.

Updated on June 09, 2017 11:06 am

Samantha Echavez


How can you turn your girl’s bedroom into a space where she can indulge in her daydreams and childlike whims? Here are four tips:


Let her choose a theme. Ask your little girl to whip up a bedroom wish list and like the fairy mother that you are, make her (realistic) wishes come true. Redecorating her room means taking her favourite things into consideration. It means ditching her old Dora the Explorer bedsheets if she has suddenly developed an obsession with Lalaloopsy. You can get curtains, beddings, and rugs based on the new theme of her bedroom. Just make sure that when planning a scheme for her room, "build in flexibility. As children grow, so their physical needs change," says Holly Becker, author of Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps. "A six-year-old can't sleep in a crib and a teenager might balk at the bunkbeds she once loved."


Invest in fancy furniture. Spiffing up your girl’s bedroom also means gifting her with a frilly pink canopy bed, because she has been telling you about her fantasies of staying in a princess castle where she can wear her tiara and tend to her royal subjects. Other pieces of furniture that instantly glam up a girl’s room: vanity dresser, beanbag or chaise lounge, and a pretty closet.


Put the “fun” in functional. Shelves need not be plain, and study desks need not be boring. Bold and bright bookcases will inspire her to study harder, and storage bins painted in her favourite colour may even encourage her to tidy up and declutter.

Forget not the little things. Add more character to the bedroom by wallpapering a single wall with her favourite pattern and filling the room up with personal ornaments—like a picture frame with her photo as a three-year-old in tutu, glow-in-the-dark stickers she can’t get enough of, heart-shaped throw pillows, and other knickknacks that will remind your daughter of her cotton candy world and rainbow-coloured dreams.

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