Why Natural Wooden Toys are Better

Parents naturally want to give the best to their children. Find out then why you should be buying wooden toys for them.

Updated on August 09, 2017 21:08 pm

Suqi Ng

why wooden toys are better for children

Some people choose to buy wooden toys over plastic or metal ones for their children. Here’s why:


1. No risk of unsafe paints or plastic

When you buy toys for babies or young toddlers, they are going to put the toys into their mouths. This is how they explore their surroundings. When you get a wooden toy made from natural wood, you don’t run a risk of unknowingly giving toys made with unsafe paints or plastic materials to them.


2. It’s environment-friendly.

Being made of just wood, you can recycle them and do not need to throw them away. Some companies also choose wood from trees that regenerate faster.


3. They are durable.

It is not uncommon to find plastic toys with chipped edges that are sharp and a hazard for young children. I have thrown away many plastic toys because of that. Children sometimes play rough and would throw the toys, or the toys simply accidentally fell from a highchair. Wooden toys are more durable and a fall will result in a dent rather than a broken sharp edge that can cut children’s delicate skin if we are not careful.


4. They bring the children closer to nature.

Do you recall a soothing feeling when you see beautiful smooth wood surfaces with natural wood grains? Humans instinctively love being close to nature. Brightly coloured synthetic toys might be over stimulating and excite the children but wood calms them and brings them closer to Mother Nature. It is also a good idea to get them beautiful bedroom furniture made with natural wood.


5. They inspire imaginative play.

Wooden building blocks and dolls inspire children to be creative and carved wood surfaces or uneven natural log surfaces offer great sensorial play for young children.

Although wooden toys have higher price tags than most of their plastic counterparts, they are a worthwhile investment, and with proper care, might even become nostalgic gifts to be passed down to the next generation.

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