12 Amazing and Envy-Inducing Hotel Rooms From Around The World

Clean towers, plush comforters, and smart technology are all the things we appreciate in the perfect hotel room.

Updated on July 17, 2017 11:07 am

Michelle Ong


The hotel room of your dreams might be a 16-hour plane ride (and half your bank account) away. We name 12 of our favourite hotels from around the globe (and how we wish our homes are like them!).

1. Les Cols Pavellones in Barcelona, Spain
What we love the most: The glass floors


Located two hours north of Barcelona, in Garroxta Volcanic Natural park, this hotel is surrounded by so much natural beauty that it makes sense to design the hotel in a way that would afford its guests such spectacular views. Each one of the five hotels here is designed like a pure crystal cube with glass walls and floors below, which allow for illuminated views of the bare earth beneath.

2. Mama Shelter in Paris, France
What we love the most: The chalkboard ceilings


Tucked away in an unlikely part of Paris (it’s a metro ride away from the centre of the city), Mama Shelter is a budget hotel with a hip design. Here, part of the hotel’s charm and character come from the graffitied chalkboard ceiling at the lobby. Phillipe Starck, the design guru behind this and so many other beautiful hotels, has said that the ceilings are meant to encourage “freedom, participation, and self-expression.” Talk about making a statement.

3. Hotel de la Paix Cha-Am in Cha-am beach, Hua Hin, Thailand
What we love the most: The rain shower


Anyone who lives in a tropical part of the world knows how essential a good, refreshing shower is. As far as showers go, few of them can beat Alila Cha Am’s rain shower. These showerheads are designed to follow an alfresco downpour—something you’ll appreciate after a long day out in the humid weather.

4. Peninsular Hotel in Tokyo, Japan
What we love the most: The bathroom remote control


The Peninsular Hotel is a truly high tech room that comes with controls for everything—from the curtains to the nail dryer. But what’s truly covetable is the bathroom remote control, which allows you to control the lights, music, and even the privacy button outside your hallway—all from within the comforts of your bathtub.

5. The Westin Golf Resort & Spa in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
What we love the most: The bed


The Westin is renowned for its heavenly beds, and here’s why: the mattress alone is made up of a marshmallowy 13-inch pillow top design, which is supposed to offer the foundation for a deep, calming sleep. There are also plush goose-down pillows, crisp cotton sheets, a cosy down blanket, and fluffy duvet wrap to cocoon yourself in. Put all of these together, and you’ll get the perfect bed that dreams are made of.

6. Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium
What we love the most: The Pantone colours


Just like its name, this hotel colours its rooms in one bright shade of Pantone colour per floor. To add to the unique vibrancy of these themed rooms, each one also comes with photographic installations consisting of Pantone colours by Belgian photographer Victor Levy.

7. Hotel 1000 in Seattle, Washington, USA
What we love the most: The body heat sensor alert


Those who treasure their "alone time" (wink wink!) will be able to appreciate the luxury of being able to enjoy privacy without having to tell anyone. The hotel’s rooms come equipped with a body heat sensor alert so you don’t have to press the "Do not disturb button." The room automatically knows.

8. Courtyard by Marriott Baton Rouge Acadian Thruway in Louisiana, USA
What we love the most: The GoBoard 4.0


At this hotel, the GoBoard 4.0 serves as a virtual concierge, allowing guests with Windows phones to send whatever they see on the board to their phone by scanning the Microsoft Tag, which works like a QR code. Users can check the traffic and weather on the board and send it to their phones before heading out, allowing their day to be much more productive and convenient.

9. Fujiya Inn in Ginzan-onsen, Japan
What we love the most: The bamboo screens


This wooden four-storey onsen hotel, which is more than 350 years old, unveiled a new modern look that didn’t compromise on traditional Japanese aesthetics. To create that ultra Zen vibe that is so prevalent in traditional Japanese homes, master craftsmen carefully assembled wooden strips made from 30,000 bamboo poles shipped from Kyushu and placed throughout most of the hotel’s interior, allowing light to seep through the many glass windows.

10. Eccleston Square Hotel in London, UK
What we love the most: SmartGlass shower walls


This hi-tech London hotel comes with SmartGlass shower walls that turn from clear to frosted with a touch of a button. These are perfect for offering you some privacy while taking a shower—or not.

11. ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, USA
What we love the most: The "good night" button


If your pre-bedtime ritual involves lounging on the bed before you head into a state of unconsciousness, you’ll probably understand what a pain it is to get out of bed to turn off all the lights. At this hotel, the "good night" button is located next to your bed. Simply press it to let your room to "fall asleep" with you: drapes will close, the television will turn off and even the light in the hallway will slowly dim itself. Everything melts into nighttime bliss effortlessly.

12. Le Bellechasse in Paris, France
What we love the most: The wallpaper


The design details in each room of this hotel are hard to ignore—the rooms come with desks covered in hobnailed black leather, lush damask curtains, bold graphics, and large tubs. But the main focus here is the loud, beautiful wallpaper. One such wallpaper is made up of Victoria-era gents with striking butterfly wings.

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