10 Table Setting Ideas for Your Holiday Dinner

Because how your table looks is as important as the food you are serving

Updated on December 21, 2017 9:12 am

Jemma Chiu

10 Table Setting Ideas for Your Holiday Dinner

The holiday season calls for big parties and celebrations, that typical table setup can be a bit boring. If you are throwing a big party for your family and friends this holiday season, here are 10 table setting ideas to spice up your traditional table spread:


1. Winter wonderland

Make your table stand out with this winter wonderland-themed table setting. One of the all-time favourites during the holiday season, this table setting creates a striking but elegant vibe to your spread. Embellish your table with white plates and add a mix of snowflake ornaments, bottlebrush trees, and metallic accents for that simple yet festive setup.


2. Plaid perfect

Plaid is one of the symbols of a cosy and warm spirit at home during the holiday season. It can be used as blankets, furniture covers, and ornaments. But do you know that you can repurpose your tartan patterns for your table setup? You can use plaid blankets as your main table cloth or you may also use it as a table runner layered to a crisp white tablecloth to add a stylish and playful touch. You can also add patterned dishwares and napkins, or opt to use pine cones for that more Christmas-y vibe.


    3. Fantastic rustic

    Bring a bit of Nordic-inspired design to your table this holiday season! A rustic table setting is cosy and an inviting one. To achieve this look, you’ll need a pop of green and earth colors, wooden pine cone centerpieces, candles, and reindeer figures. You may also use ceramic or wooden bowls and plates and elegant crystal goblets to add to that delicate yet natural look.


    4. Red and gold fever

    Never underestimate the elegance that is red and gold. Bring elegance to the table with this colour combination that will remind you of Christmas warmth and happiness. To get that red and gold look, use red napkins, table placemats as well as a combination of clear and red drinking goblets. Your table decorations should include red and gold pine cones, gold leaves and a mix of red and green berries. Add candles as centerpiece to make the table look more wonderful and festive.


    5. A very vintage Christmas

    Can’t get over the vintage theme? This classic but impressive table setting is easier than how it looks like. Whether you have your family heirlooms of dishwares or that kind of thrift store ornaments, incorporating these vintage vessels into your tablescape makes for that whole rustic feel. Your vintage flatware with patina and personality can never go wrong in this kind of setting so go now and uncover those antique wares from the shelves.


    6. Cheers to chic

    Add a personal touch to your table setting if you want it to make it look more chic than casual. A monochromatic use of white complemented with greens give off a chic and contemporary vibe to the table. Subtle table ornaments like asprig of holly, a small poinsettia for the centerpiece, and garland wreaths on the table will make the setting ooze with quiet sophistication.


    7. Make it minimalist

    A simple and minimalist table setting never goes out of style. Transform your daily dining table into a festive minimalist one for the holiday by using your white dishes and table napkins. You cutlery should also be very simple, with grey plates and black glasses. Minimal use of table ornaments is strictly observed in this kind of table setting.


    8. A pop of white and blue

    While green and red are the usual colours of Christmas, you can also use white and blue as the main colours for your table setting. White and blue are neutral colours that create a nice neutral palette colour. The colours keep the interiors chic and romantic, and exude a calm and relaxed vibe at home. Instead of just using blue, you may combine cobalt and icy blue, as well as silver and black to your Christmas spread. White and blue pop out when complemented with dark-coloured palette such as black.


    9. Metal matters

    Whether you agree or not, metals and silvers make a table setting more modern and Scandinavian-looking. Although this may not be considered as traditional, the use of metals and silvers for the table seup is a favourite of those who love industrial-themed spaces.


    10. Bold blacks and greys

    Do not be afraid to use bold colours such as black and grey in your table setting. As we’re always used to bright and festive colours, this unconventional table setup adds a rustic vibe and a touch of modern luxe to your Christmas table. This palette is truly evocative and stunning when paired with the perfect set of dishware and ornaments that can add an extra layer of dimension to the table decoration. You can use matte black plates and white or grey side dishes, as well as crystal glasses or goblets. Accent the table with an olive green wreath to add colour to your setup.

    Christmas is a time to get together with families and friends to celebrate the festive season. This holiday season, you need not conform to a set of colours or theme. Your aim is to make your family and friends feel at home, happy and content with great stories to tell and scrumptious food to share.

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