17 Things To Do for your Home in 2017

You're off to a great start with these suggestions!

Updated on December 17, 2017 14:12 pm

Jerni Camposano

This brand new year, do something for your home you and your loved ones will benefit from. Try some of these:

1. Turn your entryway into a darling of a space. First impressions are important, so keep the first few square feet of your home swoon-worthy.

2. Renting? Make it happy, colourful, and uniquely yours.

3. Remove items in your bedroom that don't allow you to sleep well. Kiss grumpy mornings goodbye and say hello to a well-rested you every waking time.

4. Maximise your closet space. Believe us when we say there is still room in your closet!


5. Prettify your kitchen with a colourful backsplash. Want something new in the kitchen but don't want a total renovation? Install colour-happy tiles!

6. Create zones in your home without building walls. No need to hack walls to separate different areas in your home.


7. Try decorating with string lights. Who says you can only use them for the holidays?

8. Don't leave your walls empty. They could very well be the grand statement in your home.


9. Style up that neutral sofa. So you bought a grey or beige sofa? It doesn't have to be plain and boring.

10. Avoid some decorating mistakes in small spaces. Living in space-challenged homes can be a breeze if you don't do these things.


11. Transform your bathroom into a spa. Enjoy a pampering experience every time you step into your own bathroom—no need for a renovation!

12. Make the most of your pantry space. Keep your kitchen organised, efficient, and functional with these tips.

13. Grow edible herbs in your home garden. A lot of people have already fallen in love with herb hardening. See for yourself its many benefits.

14. Take measures to prevent dengue. Here's to a healthy and happy family in 2017!


15. Combine patterns and colours like a pro. This year, don't be afraid to go bright and bold in your home decorating.

16. Carve out a space for a family command centre to keep everyone in the family in the loop.


17. Wake up to a beautiful bedside table every morning by styling it up—there are so many ways to do so.

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