5 Things You Should Know This Week: 14 June 2016

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Updated on June 21, 2017 8:06 am

Jerni Camposano


1. Great Singapore Sale fever is on at Cromly Shop! Score appliances, furnishings, and home decors at huge discounts from the Cromly Shop. Whether you're looking for washing machines or tatami sofas, you can get them all at discounted prices at our shop. We've listed the 17 must-buy items to deck your home with!

2. Hot trends and innovations in the furniture industry. According to Property Report, there are four trends currently rocking this industry: rope furniture, sit-stand desks, foldable wooden furniture, and silent spaces.

Philippine furniture makers Lija By That One Piece and Harry Allen both exhibited items that highlight rich weaving techniques at the NYXxDesign festival. Meanwhile, more and more companies are adopting the use of sit-stand desks for better health and well-being of their employees. Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs created a "slatted slab of wood that folds out into a chair, a table, and even a basket." Lastly, Finnish company Framery is "gaining fame worldwide for assembling 'silent spaces' that integrate well indoors."

Pamana Pendant Lamp by Lija By That One Piece

Skarsta Desk Sit/Stand

Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs

Framery Phone Booth

3. Wynd Technologies Inc.'s smartest air purifier. Want to ensure the air your breathe wherever you go is clean and safe? Here's an air purifier that's the size of a water bottle so you can take it wherever you go! An air purification system, Wynd is both an air quality tracker and a purifier. The tracker, which can sense level of smoke, allergens, and dust in the air, can even be removed from the gadget for ultimate mobility. You can bring it with you to any room of the house and when you need to go out. Read more about it here.


4. Dubai's first ultra-luxury floating homes. Kleindienst Group's luxurious water villas in Dubai are called The Floating Seahorse. Each water villa consists of three floors, where one (a bedroom and bathroom) is underwater to allow owners to feel what it's like living under the sea. Decks, a hot tub, and other areas of the home are found on the upper floors. Read more about it here.


5. Great Design Sale at W. Atelier. Enjoy up to 50% off on selected furniture, lights, kitchen, and bathroom products at W. Atelier's Great Design Sale. This is your chance to shop for Fritz Hansen designer chairs, TOTO bathroom and kitchen fixtures, Lema home products, and Lightyears designer lamps. You have until 13 August to avail of these amazing deals!


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