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1. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s new urban resort look.

Have you seen the new Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore? After an eight-month “rejuvenation,” the hotel’s Tower Wing—which is the core of the property—is now sporting an urban resort look, courtesy of Japanese interior designer Ryoichi Niwata of Bond Design Studio and his dedicated team. Where else will they get inspiration from? Shangri-La, the mythical utopia between heaven and earth.

Let the Tree Canopy greet you as you step into the lobby. The ceiling installation is composed of thousands of swirling stylised three-toned metallic leaves. Children Dabbling in the Water, on the other hand, features six sculpture pieces of children playing by the central infinity pool. The hotel also boasts of Southeast Asia’s largest indoor natural feature wall—the basalt feature wall at the centre of The Lobby Lounge that measures 9 x 6 metres. Drop by Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore to discover this tropical oasis in the Lion City.

lobby Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The rejuvenated lobby of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

guest reception at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The Tree Canopy

abstract art sculptures at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore

Children Dabbling in the Water

indoor feature wall at The Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Southeast Asia’s largest indoor natural feature wall is at The Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

2. Philips Lighting commits more than 2,000 LED lightbulbs to NEA’s household energy-saving challenge.

The global leader in lighting announced its support to the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s “Energy-Saving Challenge," taking place until 30 September 2017. The company aims to distribute more than 2,000 energy-efficient LED light bulbs to participating households who sign up at the challenge roadshows. This support is part of Philips Lighting’s commitment to bring light beyond illumination to Singaporean households, and is part of an overall initiative to inspire the population to actively care for and protect the environment as well as adopt eco-friendly and socially gracious lifestyles. Registration for the Challenge has opened and will close on 30 September 2017. Interested households can sign up for the Challenge online through www.cgs.sg or at any Daikin Proshops, Gain City Showrooms, NEA’s Customer Service Centre at the Environment Building, Our Tampines Hub, and the Challenge roadshows. The Challenge is open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are current SP Group account holders and have opened their account for their residential addresses before 1 April 2017.

Philips LED Lightbulbs

3. LG OLED TV wins 4th consecutive CE Week TV Shootout title.

The highly acclaimed LG E7 OLED TV was crowned “2017 King of TV” in the 14th Annual CE Week TV Shootout™ amongst six contending flagship 4K Ultra HD TV models. It is an annual event that pits the flagship TVs from leading manufacturers against each other to identify the top performers. This is the fourth consecutive year LG OLED has won at the CE Week Shootout and the first time a single manufacturer has swept all three newly created categories: Studio Lighting/Home Theater, HDR, and Streaming Performance. Judges rated each TV based on several criteria including, perceived contrast ratio, color saturation and color volume, colorimetry, and motion artifacts, amongst others. To ensure an equal playing field for all manufacturers every TV in the shootout was purchased at retail, calibrated independently by TV Shootout organizers and evaluated by experts in the field of video imaging.


The award-winning LG E7 OLED TV

4. 3M launches water-efficient coating solution.

The global science company has launched 3M Rinse-Clean Coating RC-1000, an advanced coating solution for exterior surfaces that reduces its ability to attract to dust and dirt. With the solution, surfaces remain dirt-free longer—halving the frequency of maintenance, and reducing water and cleaning costs by up to 20%.

“At 3M, sustainability is a key strategy we engage in to help our customers excel in a world with global environmental challenges such as energy availability and water scarcity,” said Ms Wai Yee Ng, Senior Business Manager, 3M Smart Urban Solutions. “With the 30% water price increase coming into effect from July 1, 2017, we want to help organizations improve their resource efficiency without compromising on performance."

before and after using 3M Rinse Clean

Left side of a wall coated with 3M™ Rinse Clean (RC-1000), versus the right side without after a fourteen-month trial

5. ezbuy.sg launches Singapore's first and only smartphone shopping with a social element.

ezbuy.sg made Singapore e-commerce history with the recent launch of the first and only social shopping channel. Friends Deal, available as a smartphone app or viewable on ezbuy.sg’s mobile site <https://m.ezbuy.sg/friendsdeal>, is an aggregate of best price points secured from merchants based out of China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the USA. Fast moving retail goods include food, beverage, snacks, fashion, beauty & cosmetics, maternity, babies & kids, home & living, pet supplies and sports equipment. Friends Deal is secured only when consumers seek like-minded friends keen on purchasing the same item. When the requisite number of people have made upfront payments in full, the product in question is secured and consumers can choose to have goods delivered to their homes at the cost of a small top-up fee upon checkout or pick-up in person for free at any of ezbuy.sg’s 277 physical self-collection points all over Singapore.

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