5 Things You Should Know This Week: 31 January 2017

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Updated on June 30, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


1. Shop at IKEA this February. There's definitely something to love in the furniture giant's February News collection. Make your home functional and beautiful by decking it with some of the products below:

Kungsbacka Fronts. The series includes sustainable door and drawer fronts that will spice up the look of your kitchen. They're made of recycled wood wrapped in plastic films produced from recycled PET bottles.

Behaga Dinnerware Series. Do not settle for boring dinnerwares when you can add some turquoise pattern to liven up your meals.

Vanskaplig Textile Collection. Be playful and let colours take centre stage in your home.

Hovnas Floor Lamp. Create a dramatic and relaxing ambience with this sparkly lighting.

Gualov Storage Table. Multi-purpose furniture pieces like this one deserve a spot in your small space.

2. Valentine's Day gifts from Bosch. Kick the domestic romance up this season of hearts with these thoughtful gift suggestions from Bosch. Get her the quietest bagless vacuum cleaner on the market, the all-new Bosch GS-50 Power Silence 3 Vacuum Cleaner. That means you don't have to wake everyone up when you're cleaning the house. You can also surprise her with a compact and versatile kitchen assistant so she can whip up healthy homemade dishes anytime. The Bosch MultiTalent 3 Food Processor features over 50 functions—definitely a great kitchen buddy. What about a quick and easy way to wash the dishes? With the Bosch Compact Tabletop Dishwasher, that's possible, thanks to its water and energy-efficient features.

Bosch GS-50 Power Silence 3 Vacuum Cleaner ($789)

Bosch MultiTalent 3 Food Processor ($349)

Bosch Compact Tabletop Dishwasher (S$949)

3. d-Bodhi celebrates 10th anniversary. A world leader in innovative and eco-friendly furniture, d-Bodhi turns 10 this year. Using reclaimed and recycled materials for its pieces, the company will once again be part of the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS). Visit its booth at 4D-12 and experience "Enlightenment."

4. Add that contemporary-luxe feel to your bathroom with Victoria + Albert's baths. The British brand's three freestanding bath models—Pescadero, Napoli, and Cabrits—are sure to inject some luxuriousness into your bath space. Inspired by the sea, the Pescadero features undulating lines that form an asymmetrical shape reminiscent of the movement of a wave. Meanwhile, the Napoli bath is a fusion of contemporary and minimalist elements, subscribing to the belief that less is more. Lastly, the Cabrits bathtub is uniquely beautiful with its double dip design. Read more about them here.




5. Bowl-shaped roof that solves water scarcity problem. The Concave Roof, designed by BMDesign Studios, includes a bowl-shaped structure atop a domed roof. According to My Modern Met, "rainwater funnels through the bowl into cooling reservoirs, while the space between the double roofs provides wind circulation and shade." Find out more about it here.

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