Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Living Room and Bedroom Essentials

Help your loved one update his or her home with these must-have items for the living space and sleep sanctuary.

Updated on December 05, 2017 16:12 pm

Stephanie Yee

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Living Room and Bedroom Essentials

With the holiday season just around the corner, reunions and parties with family and friends will soon fill your social calendar. No idea yet on what to give them? Maybe it’s time to give your family and friends the best holiday season ever with these 15 gift ideas that they may find useful in their living room and bedroom.

Living Room

1. Staying classy and clean in the living room will never be a problem with the Jasper Coffee Table, King Living. This stylish coffee table will keep the clutter away in this all-important space at home in an instant, especially when you have unexpected visitors.

2. Don’t let dust ruin the day! The lightweight V8™ Cord-Free Vacuum, $899 to $1,049, Dyson, will be your pal's best friend in keeping all the dust and dirt away without the usual bulky cleaner and tangled cords. This cord-free vacuum will also help the receiver in spring cleaning tasks soon!

3. Keep the volumes up and play your favorite holiday tunes with the Sonos PLAYBASE, $1,299, TC Acoustic. This small but powerful home theatre audio system delivers a superb audio quality as it sits discreetly under the television. Read our review of the device here.

4. Add a romantic touch and a dash of elegance to their living room with this Lillian Candleholder gift set, which is composed of Lillian small silver lantern, $64.95, and four flameless white votive candles with timer, $29.95, Crate and Barrel.

5. Instantly create an aromatic and relaxing atmosphere with this pretty and handy Vase Diffuser, $93.90, HYSSES. These ceramic vases, which come in three designs (Lily, Lotus, and Bleeding Heart), have essential oil concoctions that will infuse your loved one's space with scents that can boost their mood and gently put them in Zen mode.

6. Another stylish piece of furniture that can grace their living room is the Kvistbro storage table, $69, IKEA. Serving dual purpose, this metal-wired basket looks elegant even with your magazines, newspapers, or other knickknacks inside. It has an easy-to-lift lid and can be easily moved across the room.

7. If your friend loves vintage pieces, gift him or her with the Metal Pocket Watch Wall Clock, $149, Nook and Cranny. This classic-styled wall clock resembles a metal pocket watch and will provide that rustic charm to the living room.

8. Get this nifty Mega Four Cube Shelves, $349, Galanga Living, so they can store and organise their book and magazine collection in a neat and fashionable way.


9. Keep the air inside their bedroom cool and clean with Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan, $599 to $999, Dyson. It gives a refreshing feeling by capturing and filtering allergens, odours, and other pollutants in the air.

10. Uplift the mood inside the bedroom with the Room Scent Gift Set, $59.90, HYSSES. This aromatherapy set comes in four scents and can be sprayed on the bed or on the cushions for that instant calming aroma.

11. Light up somebody else’s dark nights with the Polarizing Task Light, $289, 3M. This sleek lamp is perfect for late night readings as it mimics natural light pattern, which can help improve mood and productivity. Choose from five color selection.

12. Show your loved ones how you value their time with this Honeycomb 3-in-1 Multi-functional LED Clock, $39.90, Valore. This exquisite bedside piece will definitely suit their bedroom as this also functions as a mirror, night light with touch sensors, and a digital clock all rolled into one.

13. Gift JBL Pulse 3, $339, Lazada SG to your music-loving partner. This powerful, waterproof speaker stays for as long as 12 hours of playtime and has a 360° lightshow with its glowing LEDs that will surely liven up your bedroom’s atmosphere. Just give this speaker a little shake to create a synchronized light show with other Pulse 3 devices.

14. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep! Get your loved ones this Alvine Kvist Quilt Cover and Two Pillowcases, $49.90, IKEA, for that gift of comfort. The fabric of this bedlinen has been fine-threaded so it's soft and cool against the skin.

15. Ever heard of the importance of a good pillow? To complete the bedroom gift guide list, here’s a soft, cuddly, and moldable Feather Pillow, $24, Muji.

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