Holiday Gift Guide: Bachelorette Friend

Living alone is no excuse to not live in style. Give your bachelorette friend the perfect gifts to complement her new pad.

Updated on June 06, 2017 9:06 am

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Help your bachelorette friend make the most of her "big girl home" with these special items:

1. Clover Pod Chair, $799, Galanga Living

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Give her a cosy spot to curl up into with a book on rainy days.

2. Puzhen Yun aroma diffuser, $498, Spa Club

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Bring the spa to your friend’s home with this aroma diffuser. Besides diffusing oil, this purifies air and even comes with LED colours and plays music on MP3 players and iPhones.

3. Sierra 11-PC Cast Iron Fondue Set, $ 115.60, LemonZest

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Make sure your friend doesn’t forget to invite you over by sending her a subtle reminder with this Fondue set. Comes in White, Cherry Red, and Orange.

4.Balloon Poodle Bookend, $94.90,  .WOODWOULD.

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Bring some fun and quirkiness to her home with these cute dog-shaped bookends that will never deflate. Available in two colours: muted purple or pop-orange.

5. Geneva Ladder Desk, $299, Picket & Rail

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This doubles as both shelf and desk and will give her more space to keep organised.

6. Cry Baby Pillows, $144

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If your friend ever needs a good cry, she can let it out into this handmade Baby Alpaca Pillow case with soft pillow inner. Available in three colour combos.

7. Iconic Kopitiam Cup Planter, $19, Naiise

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This kopitiam cup plant holder by urban planter Cynthea Lam comes with an indoor-friendly mix of Fittonia, Pilea and Moss-perfect for bringing in nature while injecting some local flavour into her home.

We ask two ladies who live alone what they’d want to receive as a housewarming gift this Christmas

Valerie Lee, a administrator who just renovated her home and cooks frequently, says, "I would like colourful cookware that can brighten my kitchen, such as casserole dishes, but I wouldn't like cups and saucers as I would rather pick those myself."

Mayee Corpin, an information developer who just moved to Singapore, says, "I’d want something that suits both my current and future needs. Because I’m a big reader and have a ton of books that I like to put on display, I would really want owl-shaped bookends or a callout-shaped wall bookshelf. I will accept any present but I hope I don’t get anything too bulky or heavy that I cannot lug around myself or fit into a corner in my roomthat would be a logistical nightmare come move-out time."

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