Stylish and Auspicious Décor for Chinese New Year

Think Chinese New Year décor must be the same old designs every year? These ideas will change your mind.

Updated on June 06, 2017 9:06 am

Suqi Ng


This Chinese New Year, ditch your aged and spoilt furniture and replace them with pretty new ones, repaint your walls, and add lovely touches of Chinese New Year festive décor to your home. Dress up your abode in auspicious colours and invite luck and happiness into your home and life for the year ahead!

Spruce up your living room by planting festive plants in pretty vases.

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Plants like curly bamboos, pussy willows, and yellow and orange chrysanthemums are known to be auspicious plants that also look elegant in your vases. Pussy willows tend to be displayed as large and tall plants, but if your vases are small, you can also cut them into short stalks and display them. To encourage the willows to bloom, add ice to the water in the vases every day. This is one small trick that my mother does every year!

Add a tinge of red into your space.

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Red symbolises luck for the Chinese—reason we often see this colour during the Chinese New Year. People usually hang red ornaments at their doors or in their living rooms to welcome prosperity.

You don’t have to do a major change in the colour scheme of your interior design. Some small touches will do the trick. Swap the green table runner for a scarlet one, and get a red carpet and a new red clock to go with it. This home design project shows how red ornaments give this room a CNY-feel without looking too garish.

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You can also add a tinge of red to your sofa with these stylish customised fabric cushion covers. The red and gold woven fabric will look great for this festive season.


For a more Oriental feel, hang this exquisite stoneware red lantern at the entrance of your home to welcome feng shui! Turn it into an entry way lighting by putting a light bulb inside.

Let the dragons roar.

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One of the favourite auspicious mythical creatures of the Chinese is the Dragon, and its presence in a traditional Chinese household is expected. You can get vintage and local style dishes with dragon prints to hold Chinese New Year candies and cookies. That will impress your visitors.

Make a statement with the elegant dragon dish table shown above.

DIY Chinese New Year décor

Want some simple décor for your door? Do you have leftover ang bao packets from last year? Reuse them to make lovely Chinese New Year décor without spending a dime! I pasted these ang bao fishes at my door to welcome the New Year. Fish are lucky animals as the Chinese name "yu" sounds similar to a word in the Chinese idiom 年年有余 (nian nian you yu) which means, "May you have surplus year after year."

Add a stylish Goat to start the year with.


The Goat in the Chinese Zodiac symbolises a gentle yet determined spirit. Go ahead and celebrate this year of the Goat with a stylish and artistic wall ornament! You can choose red to go with the CNY mood or other colours like white and pink to suit the colour theme of your home décor.

These small touches will spruce up your home and your life, and get your apartment ready for the festive season. Enjoy a prosperous Chinese New Year! Huat ah!

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