This Week in Interior Design: 20 April 2015

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Updated on June 06, 2017 10:06 am

Camille Besinga


You Need These Nifty Tools at Home

Every day we’re seeing more newly invented home items that we can’t possibly live without. The future’s looking much more technology-integrated, and perhaps, a little brighter health-wise, thanks to these two new picks we found.

Picture this scenario: You’re cooking up a great meal for family or for guests coming over for dinner, and you’re using your phone or iPad or android for the recipe. Since you’re prepping and cooking the dish yourself, it’s not unlikely to later on find your tablet or phone sticky and covered in some ingredient or other. Your iPad’s sticky days are coming to an end with this wearable thumbnail that acts as a wireless, Bluetooth trackpad. This new invention from the MIT Media Lab helps a user navigate a device while one’s hands are otherwise occupied. Also called NailO, it is basically a very small circuit board composed of a touch sensor, battery, and Bluetooth radio. You can even type messages into your device with it—considering you know how to use the Morse code.

This other new discovery isn’t exactly high-tech, but it could well save someone’s life. The Aid One Cover is a a blanket-type cover that anyone can use to administer first aid. This is especially useful to those who don’t have any first aid training—which is practically the rest of the world! The Aid One Cover is a useful tool to know what steps to follow in case you find someone who’s fallen unconscious at home. Keep one in your home—or hey, why not keep one in every room in your home? We’re hoping you might never have to use them, but when the unthinkable happens, it’s best to be prepared.

Flat-Packed Panels Make Up This Scenic Home in Oxford





When we hear the term “flat-packed,” we think inexpensive, easy-to-assemble furniture or home item. How about an entire house, for that matter? This scenic house near Oxford, England was designed by Adrian James Architects to achieve an architectural distinction on a tight budget. It makes use of flat-packed insulated panels, and features a cantilevered, cedar-clad exterior.

Wide windows lets the house’s occupants have a great view of the outdoors. Inside, an open-plan layout is used to maximise these generously sized windows, while a beautiful staircase was constructed out of steel plates and subsequently clad in timber.

Trend Alert: Glass Furniture


At last week’s Milan furniture fair, Japanese design studio Nendo unveiled a series of glass tables that became one of the exhibition’s most talked about collections. Made from five sheets of frosted glass arranged to create two boxes with a square surface and one box with a rectangular surface, the glass tables have joints finished in a bright strip of colour. The colours change along the length of the panel, giving it a kaleidoscopic look that everyone’s just raving about.


The Oki Sato-led design group teamed up with specialists from Glas Italia to come up with these rad glass tables. Stoked by the craving generated by the popularity of Nendo’s tables, Dezeen has created a Pinterest board featuring all sorts of beautiful glass furniture. Check it out to get an idea of what this latest trend has to offer for your own interiors.

Cover photo courtesy of Dezeen


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