This Week in Interior Design: 6 October 2014

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Camille Besinga


Know More About Islamic Architecture


Eid Mubarak! Last weekend marked the celebration of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice, in the Islamic calendar. In commemoration of this holy event, we’re looking at the beautiful architecture that Islam has lent to the world via photos, videos, and insightful articles from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Check them out here.

Thinking of Climbing the Aspen Art Museum? Don’t. Here’s why.



If you’ve heard of the controversial, US$45-million renovation of the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, USA, then you must have heard of the disparate reaction between architecture fans and Aspen residents about it. Designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the art museum’s renovation was objected to by many of the residents, who complained the scale and design of the building would dwarf the city’s historic downtown streets. Recently, visitors have been scaling the lattice wall in “protest”, and as response to a call by Aspen artist Lee Mulcahy, who offered US$500 to anyone who provides photographic evidence of climbing the museum’s wall. When three visitors successfully made the climb, a municipal court judge slapped them with a US$150 fine, 10 hours of community service, and a one-year deferment on trespassing charges.

Watch Trailers of Films to Be Shown at the 2014 Architecture and Design Film Festival in Tribeca

Happening on October 15th to 19th at Tribeca Cinemas in New York, the 2014 Architecture and Design Film Festival will feature 25 films from all over the world, as well as four speaker panel events, Q&As after screenings, and dozens of parties. Check out this site for some samples of trailers, or watch this one (above) of Maker, which is about the Maker movement that is changing design and manufacturing in the Internet era.

No Tools Required for Ikea’s New Regissör Line

No more screwing and hammering when assembling from Ikea’s flatpack? Yes, please! The Swedish furniture brand’s designers have created no-tools-required connectors for the new Regissör line of furniture. Instead of the usual knock-down fasteners, customers will find flatpacks already outfitted with wooden plugs called the "wedge dowel", which they will simply fit into a plunge-routed keyhole, if you will, on its corresponding partner board. The Regissör line is also made of an accordion-style cardboard web in a poplar-edging frame, instead of the usual particle board, which made Ikea flatpacks heavy. This lighter material will then be covered in laminate from top to bottom. Watch all about it in the video above.

NBA Star LeBron James Puts Up Miami Mansion for Sale


Fans of Miami Heat’s former King James? The now Cleveland Cavaliers player has made his move out of Miami by listing his "palace" on the market for a whopping US$17 million. The house has its own wine cellar, a fancy kitchen, dockage space for two 60-foot yachts, infinity pool, 16,768 square feet of living space, 4,500 square feet of entertainment space, six bedrooms, and six and a half baths. View more pictures of the property here.

Cover photo courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum


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