When You're In Bed With Designers

Gorgeous finds and innovative designs in Asia's only boutique designer sleepover

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

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New Majestic Hotel, the boutique hotel done up in contemporary Oriental theme along Bukit Pasoh Road, played host to over 31 established designers from more than 15 countries in this year's In bed with Designers, Asia's only boutique designer sleepover.

"A number of hotel rooms were transformed into carefully curated caves of innovative products and beautiful creations," explained co-founder Florence Coirier Giraudon.
Each hotel room carried the latest and most on-trend works of a certain designer, who accommodated guests into his or her creative space and invited them to experience the products for a more hands-on experience.

In bed With Designers was curated by buyMeDesign, a portal selling over 3,000 undiscovered home and design gift brands. As part of Singapore Design Week's lineup of events, the fourth edition of In bed with Designers was the perfect opportunity for the designers to connect with customers and buyers, and engage with other designers.

Check out six of our favourite product designers and their creations that would look good in any space.

"Alur." A collection by Budiman Ong for Ong Cen Kuang

Budiman Ong created these lamps made from zippers for the collection, "Alur," which is "story" in Bahasa. 

"The name 'Alur' is a perfect fit for these collections. The collection is about the material, that's the first thing we focus on when we do the design part. We want the material to say something about the shape. We do not start with drawing. We start with the material. We explore the material, the weakness and the strength of the material. Eventually, from that exploration, we will find the shape the material is comfortable with," he said.

Bespoke interior lighting fixtures from Duo Dots Design

This new brand from Hong Kong led by art directors Sonia Chan and Grace Yue create customised lighting fixtures using different materials and taking on different styles, including an eye-catching electroluminescent wire knitted to form a beautifully intricate dome that creates a stunning silhouette.

Upcycled vintage items from Jonas' Design

Shanghai-based Jonas Merian finds old and vintage materials or items and turn them into something new. "I work with biscuit tins from the '70s or thermal pots, clean them, varnish them, and turn them into lamps. I also make digital frames from old TV," said Merian. "I also work with old wood from demolished houses. I do everything by myself." The lights, interestingly, are touch-sensitive—just tap them to adjust the brightness.

Organic candles and diffusers from Bee-Sah-Bee

"The difference between our essential oils and scented candles is we use organic," began Christine Lai of Bee-Sah-Bee. "We use different types of fruits and flowers, and our signature scent is St. Tropez, which is suitable for bedroom and even in the office." The bottles the brand uses are also made from recovered mineral bottles and Red Bull containers.

Outdoor chair, Folk Culture Series from JR Studio Design

This chair is an reinterpretation of chairs in snack stalls which best represent Taiwanese culture. Integrated with brass texture, this stainless steel chair retains the look of the classic stall chairs and extends the legs into the back.

Eco and hand-printed shower curtains and other homeware from Catherine David

New Zealand's Catherine David designs and manufactures homeware, from lighting to furniture to shower curtains. "My philosophy has always been that my objects should have purpose," David said. "The objects I design should aesthetically enhance my customer’s interiors with the duality of personal interpretation of use and humour, thus hopefully enriching their environs."

Photos by Xiangyun Lim


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