8 Flowering Houseplants That Can Purify Your Air

They're not just pretty—these flowering houseplants can clean your air, too!

Updated on December 17, 2017 14:12 pm

Alexis Wang

what are the plants that purify the air

As part of its research for ways to clean air in space stations, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered that certain indoor plants can remove air-borne toxic elements commonly produced by household products.

Naturally clean the air you breathe at home. Here are some flowering houseplants that are available in Singapore nurseries. (Take note of some care reminders, especially with flamingo lily and peace lily.)

gerbera daisy can purify air at home

1. Gerbera Daisy

These hardy plants bloom twice as bright in shades of various colours, and burn half as long with a short lifespan between three to 10 years. To increase the chances of flowering, use a water-soluble fertiliser with a high ratio of phosphorous and potassium.

moth orchid is an indoor plant that helps to purify the air at home

2. Moth Orchid

This is the most common orchid due to its low maintenance. It can grow up to three new leaves per year and will flower in moderately bright windowsills all year round.

Florist's chrysanthemum is an indoor plant that naturally purifies air at home

3. Florist’s Chrysanthemum

Commonly bought as a present for Christmas, it boasts a high transpiration rate which helps to clean the air effectively. They require natural sunlight for healthy growth, and fertilisers with high potassium and nitrogen for flowering.

azalea is an indoor and outdoor plant that purify air

4. Azalea

Versatile as both an outdoor and indoor plant, they require daily watering and at least six hours of indirect sunlight. They are ideal for airconditioned room as they thrive in cooler temperatures.

spider plant is a fuss free indoor plant that purifies air at home

5. Spider plant

This can survive negligence, making them an ideal choice for new gardeners. “Is my spider plant actually blooming?” is probably the most common question from surprised owners. While this adaptable houseplant occasionally produces small white flowers either in clusters or single, these flowers are short-lived and hardly noticeable.

flamingo lily is a large and loud flowering plant that helps with air purification at home

6. Flamingo Lily

Popular in weddings and festive events, this tropical flower can bloom for almost the whole year. The glossy heart-shaped flowers are actually spathes—the real small flowers can be found on its spike inflorescence. It is advisable to wear gloves while handling this plant as the leaves are poisonous.

peace lily is a beautiful and popular houseplant that purifies the air at home

7. Peace Lily

This popular houseplant is beautiful and sturdy, and can grow up to 40cm with minimal care. The white flowers bloom constantly throughout the year. Note that it is mildly toxic and may cause nausea, difficulty when swallowing or a burning sensation in mouth or skin when swallowed.

Pothos plant is a green and leafy plant that helps to purify air when place indoor at home

8. Pothos

It is rare to see a pothos plant with flowers, which are white and small in contrast to its vibrant foliage of variegated heart-shaped leaves in pale green, white, or yellow. Prune the plant frequently to trim its straggly stems and encourage new growth.

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