Feeling Depressed? Here are 10 Signs You Should Not Ignore

Know how to recognise the symptoms of depression so you can get help for yourself or your loved one.

Updated on August 18, 2017 15:08 pm

Luisa Wong

signs of depression you should not ignore

People often mistake depression with the feeling of loneliness that gets better every time. However, depression is a mental disorder that may completely affect your life if left unchecked. According to the World Health Organisation, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally. But there are effective treatment methods for people diagnosed with it.

Here are some common signs of depression. Know how to spot them.

1. Your sleeping pattern has shifted.

shift in sleeping pattern


Have you noticed a change in your sleeping pattern lately? If you’re finding it hard to fall or stay asleep even though you’ve had a long day, you could be depressed. Some people, on the other hand, find it hard to wake up and often take naps during the day. Whether it’s insomnia or oversleeping, a change in sleeping routine could be a sign of depression.

2. Your weight and eating habits have changed.

change in weight and eating habits


A sudden drop or gain in your weight means that your eating habit has also changed. It could be that you’re eating too much or you’re eating less than you used to, eventually affecting your health. People with depression tend to resort to overeating while others just completely lose their appetite for food.

3. You’re experiencing body pain.

experiencing body pain


Your mind and your body are linked together. Back pain and headaches are just among the most common physical manifestations of your mental health issue. “The pain is very real and some people may only see their doctors for vague physical pains and never get a diagnosis of depression when that’s the real problem,” says Dr. John Zajecka, psychiatry professor at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago.

4. You can’t concentrate.

a woman who cannot concentrate


Have you been forgetful lately or have you noticed a decline in your productivity? From as simple as misplacing some items to not being able to make decisions, people with depression find it hard to stay focused and cannot stay focused on a certain task.

5. You’re not as energetic.

a woman with less energy


Aside from struggling to stay focused, depressed individuals also don’t have that much energy to face their day. Check if it’s taking you longer to complete a task or you feel more tired even with fewer activities. If yes, you may be depressed.

6. You’re irritable.

a guy who's irritable


A depressed person sometimes becomes easily irritable with things going on around them. If you find yourself lashing out at people—your friends, family, or even workmates—over small things, it's time to check if you're experiencing depression.

7. You feel guilty.

a woman feeling guilty


People who blame themselves for everything that happened to their lives, even without basis at times, may be depressed. Feeling guilty is also associated with feeling worthless. They tend to be critical of themselves, making them feel like they’re not good enough for anything.

8. You worry too much.

a woman worrying too much


Overthinking and excessive worrying about everything, even the tiniest thing, is a sign of depression and causes low self-esteem. Depressed individuals tend to play negative situations in their head even though it’s unlikely to happen.

9. You’re withdrawing from social activities.

a woman withdrawing from social activities


When you used to love going out with your friends but now find yourself saying "No" to most of their invitations, you may be isolating yourself and withdrawing from social engagements. This could be a sign of depression.

10. You become reckless.

reckless drinking


While some isolate themselves, others start to risk their lives. Whether it’s a newfound vice, like gambling or drug use, or an existing one that has become more frequent, depressed people often resort to some of these activities to be able to cope with the situation.

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