7 Types of Yoga and Where to Try Them

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Updated on August 17, 2017 16:08 pm

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“Yoga emphasizes on the relationship between your mind, body and breath. It gives special emphasis to the synchronization of breathing and motion, the use of preparation measures, the counter pose, the organized sequence of linked poses and the tweaking of postures to suit your individual needs,” says Fitz Mateus in Yoga: Beginners Guide to Yoga For Life Changing Benefits in Health, Weight Loss, and Stress Relief.

So you’ve finally decided to try yoga but not sure which type suits you? Don’t let this stop you from getting on the mat.

We list down some of the most commonly-practiced yoga and where to try them to help you get started:

1. Hatha yoga

hatha yoga is a slow and gentle type of yoga


If you’ve never tried yoga before, hatha yoga may just be perfect for you because of its slower pace and gentler form. The most commonly practiced type of yoga, hatha yoga was introduced in the 15th century in India by Yogi Swatmarama. It combines stretches and poses with your breath to promote calmness, flexibility, and strength, and may sometimes include props such as belts or blocks for better posture and stretch.

Where to try: Check out Yoga Mala (49A, Circular Road; +65 6803 5031) for a more intimate class.

2. Aerial yoga

aerial yoga is practice with ropes and acrobatical


Each type of yoga is unique in its own way but aerial yoga takes it a notch higher (pun intended) with the use of silk hammocks and aerial acrobatics techniques. It allows you to do mid-air yoga poses that may be challenging on the ground. It’s best for strengthening core, relieving back and neck pain, and toning your body.

Where to try: Discover unique programmes at Upside Motion (321 Orchard Road #04-05 Orchard Shopping Centre; +65 6737 2979).

3. Vinyasa yoga

vinyasa yoga is a fast pace yoga that works with breath and movement


Prepare for your heart rate to rise when you try Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa, which means “flow”, is a type of yoga that links music, breath, and movement together. Teachers will often play music that matches the beats to the series of flowing and jumping movements. If you want a more intense practice, Vinyasa yoga is worth a try.

Where to try: Practice Vinyasa yoga at True Yoga (Scotts Road, Level 4, Pacific Plaza; +65 6733 9555).

4. Ashtanga yoga

ashtanga yoga is a traditional, intense and challenging practice that has a routine sequence of poses


A more intense type of yoga, Ashtanga yoga is best for yogis who like routines and challenging poses. It consists of six series of sequenced yoga poses, each held for five breaths with a half sun salutation as a warm-up before the next move. It’s advisable if you want to build strength and stamina.

Where to try: The Yoga Shala (11 Yan Kit Road; +65 9363 5544) offers a safe and friendly environment dedicated to method, commitment, and practice.

5. Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga has a routine sequence and is practiced in a heated room


Do you want to lose weight through yoga? Sweat it out through Bikram yoga, a 90-minute class with 26 postures and two breathing exercises held in rooms heated up to 40 degrees Celsius. The excessive sweating allows you to burn more calories by losing excess water weight. Due to the strenuous nature of the class, students are advised to hydrate beforehand.

Where to try: Visit Bikram Yoga Harbour Front (1 Maritime Square, 03-13/14 Harbourfront Centre; +65 6272 3900), a fully-dedicated Bikram yoga with Bikram-certified teachers.

6. Restorative yoga

restorative yoga is a slow pace and relaxing style of yoga that helps to repair and heal the body


Relax deeply and slow down with restorative yoga, a type of yoga that is especially helpful for people suffering from emotional issues, anxiety, or even insomnia. It starts with a standing sequence or seated breathing exercises followed by poses done while lying on the floor. It uses props like blankets, blocks, and straps for support. Restorative yoga focuses more on healing the mind and the body and less on flexibility.

Where to try: Book a class at Pure Yoga (Level 18 Ngee Ann City Tower A 391A Orchard Road; +65 6733 8863) to help you overcome a stressful life.

7. Yin yoga

yin yoga is a slow pace yoga and practice requires students to hold a pose for several minutes


Close to Restorative yoga is Yin yoga, which also puts emphasis on the body and the mind. Poses are held for as long as 10 minutes, allowing you to meditate and still the mind. The meditative practice is best for people who want to relax and release tensions in their muscles and joints and gain flexibility in stiff areas.

Where to try: Balance your mind, your body, and soul at The Yoga Collective (2a Haji Lane; +65 9488 6853).

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