8 Small-to-Spacious Bathroom Tricks

Supersize your bathroom with these brilliant ideas.

Updated on June 05, 2017 16:06 pm

Photo courtesy of Ikea

1. Go down under. Maximise the space underneath your wall-hung basin with specialised storage that allows you to stash your toiletries away while keeping them within reach.

Design: The Orange Cube

2. Step up. Narrow ways and tight corners can be utilised with a rack or ladder to hang dry your towels. It hardly takes up any floor space and can be easily propped up against a wall or glass panel.

Design: HC Interior

3. Recess time. Niches are perfect for storing bathing essentials. Flush with the wall, they provide a streamlined look for the bathroom.

Design: The Scientist

4. Bathroom success Using one colour or variations of neutral hues can make your colour feel larger. Opt for a variety of tones and colours to keep the look interesting.

Design: Fuse Concept

5. Bathroom woes. If your ensuite bathroom is tiny and in need of a makeover, consider hacking away the boundary walls and having it fully open concept.

Design: Brim Design

6. Checks please. Fool the eye into thinking there is more floor area by extending the same tiles for the bathtub.

Design: Space Define

7. Hotel-inspired. Steal this space-enhancing trick of five-star hotels: Ensuite bathrooms enclosed in glass. Furthermore, by having the vanity mirror face the glass enclosure, this strategic position amplifies the visual appearance of the bathroom significantly.

Photo courtesy of Howards Storage World

8. Beauty remedy. Have a ton of toiletries and no room in the bathroom for everything? Wheel in a bathroom trolley into the picture for more storage space. Make sure it has water resistant properties like a bamboo make to withstand the elements.

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